5 Simple Ways To Maximize Facebook Profile For Business

People know Facebook as a social networking tool to connect with friends, coworkers, relatives and many else online in internet. With Facebook or FB, people can add friend as many as they want from many places around the world, different background, age, skins, ethnics, language etc.

The amount of member or friendlist on someone’s Facebook account actually is a benefit and an opportunity in every situation especially business. with a lot of friends, Facebook can be used as a tool in marketing your product of service.

Actually offering or selling through a social network such as Facebook not so easy as you think. It needs some effort to make your Facebook friends to keep up and interested in your product and service. Here are some suggestions you can follow :

Update your Facebook Profile Frequently

Post your Facebook profile frequently with useful information, news and update related with your product and service. You can make a schedule when create Facebook profile, so you will have a theme along the year and interesting topic.

Attached Link To Facebook Profile

Each time you update the Facebook profile, don’t forget to attract the link from your main web or blog. Let them visit and read more the news from your site.

Do not SPAM in Facebook Profile

People hates SPAM, also in Facebook profile. In order to avoid SPAM in Facebook, update your profile with interesting news, fresh and gently.

Let Facebook Profile Lean

It is better to keep your Facebook profile as default to make it lean and fast to download. If you wish to change the Facebook layout, choose the simple one.

Create a Facebook Pages

Facebook has a feature and allow their member to create a Facebook Pages that the purpose to share the same topic with others Facebook friends. Create a fan page as a place to sharing interesting information between you and friends. Share photo, video and anything that can make your friends involvement in communication more intensive.

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