9 Income Sources To Make Money From Blog

A simple way to start business is by making money from blog and can be done just from home as an online business. There are many people around the world has shown the profit just from their site or blog. Many of them choose the blog as their main tool in generating money and making it for their living.

it is a great idea to follow their step in making money from blog and running a business just from home. But before going to the next step, you have to know what source of income in internet can be taken

Here are some income sources can be made from blog

Ads on blog. Ads are the most blogger use as their blog income. It could be the easiest way to make money from blog.

PPC or Paid Per Click is one method to use in calculating the payment for your blog. It is a payment on how much you earn for each click. This method is managed by an ads networking. Some samples of this ads such as Google, Bidvertiser, Chitika etc.

PPM or known as Paid Per M (M in roman alphabet known as thousand). This is a method in showing on your blog but the payment calculation is based on each thousand impression the ads shown.

Paid to review. This is actually ads space selling also, but managed by such a company who link between space seller and buyer. The space sold in this method is text form, as a review to a buyer space’s products or services. You will be paid based on the price that set up by the ads buyer.

Text link ads. It is also same like paid to review, you will be paid by providing ads pace in text form. this method is managed by an ads networking.

Selling Ads Space. You control all the management space, price and ads partner. Space on your blog is used to present banners. You can set the price as your want or based on the negotiation between you and buyer.

Backlinks.This is quite like selling ads space, what you selling is just text which you can put on sidebar, footer or in articles.

Affiliate. This is absolutely different with above methods. Here you sell third party product and your earn commission. The percentage of commission is set by affiliate networks. You can take as many affiliate products and selling on your blog.

Selling your own product or service. You can sell anything product or service your create and getting profits as much as you want.

Correct me if I am wrong or you can share your experience on comment form.

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