Free Blank Business Card Design Templates For Microsoft Word Collection

Here are some blank business card templates for Word that free to download to help making your own card for business at home with your computer and printer. All of them are customizable free printable template cards that you can add text, graph, pictures or making a different layout and design only with Microsoft Word.

Importance of Business Card

Business cards are useful for introduce our self to other people or company about who we are, what we do, where we live, how to contact us, etc. Business should make everything easy and clear. Same also on business cards where to make the process of the business is easy to do. Microsoft Word business card layout template hope can help every business men and women to ease their duty. So you don’t need to know how to make business cards in Word from scratch.

Free Business Card Templates for Word to Download

A lot of people use Ms Word for creating documents, including making templates for many form of files. The template for photography business cards are also able to create with this software as simple as typing other documents. Below here some free business cards templates for word you can download.

Music Design

If you are running music business or as musician, this card is suitable for you. A simple design of music theme for business card. A dark background color with a half image of guitar and trumpet.

Music Business Card For Word Image

Business in Holiday

Other design and layout of business card could be a holiday theme. Holidays element such as snow, Christmas trees during the season or coconut trees, beach sand, sun images are the perfect cards.

Holiday- Business Card Template Sample


Most searched business card design templates in internet is the modern style that shows a lot of energy and spirit. The modern design and layout is such a fresh performance in running business that appears in business card.

Modern Business Card Template Image

Black Background

Beside specific theme with pictures, images and graphs, business cards by using only one color can be very interesting. Colors used is intended only for the background, while writing for the name, address, telephone noor, e-mail address to use other colors that contrast.

Black Business Cards Template Picture

Small Biz

Different with above design of business cards, this template shows more than a function of the design of the card. With a design that is not too complicated, or business card design for business is suitable for small businesses. By using a blue background showing softness but still firm and spirit like in running a business

Simple Business Card Template for Small Biz


A business card should not have elaborate designs, such as the templates that highlight the practicality of a business card. With a background of shades of red and yellow to show your name, company name, type of company, the field of work of the company, address, contact numbers and other.

Blank Business Card Template

Those are some blank business card templates for Word you can download and use for free.

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