Free Simple Printable Email Template For Ezine, Newsletter and Marketing

This free HTML email template can be used as ezine template, email marketing template or newsletter template for any activity, organization, business, non profit, religion, travel as web marketing, sales promotion, products or service offer, affiliate, getting customer and prospect etc.

Ezine for Email marketing

The layout of this email template is so simple on has 1 (one) column, header, footer, content, and copyright. thus is easy to customize, edit and replace the HTML code with your design. You can make the content and subtitle more than just initial template.

Customizable Email marketing Template

Customizing the title, subtitle, date, issue, content can be done by replacing the default text with the new one. For complete instruction can be read on Customizing Email Template For Ezine, Newsletter, Email marketing.

The simple email template can be used for many purpose such ezine or newsletter to send update and new information to many parties in company, organization or anything else. Email marketing is also possible for this template to send email promotion of product and service to many prospects and customers. You can use this for making email marketing for association.

Sample Email Marketing Newsletter and Link to Download

Hope this ezine and newsletter email marketing is useful.

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