Free Printable Colorful Business Card Template Design with Photos Layout

Having full color completed with photo business cards are elegant way in running business. Personal business card templates that are attaching owner photos with its profile are usually for specific business such as marketing, MLM etc. Personal approach that represented by owner’s picture is intended to increase customers’ trust towards the company. Below the business card that you can insert your picture.

Colorful Photo Business Card Personalizing business card with photo make your business easily known by new prospects and customers. It is so easy for them to recognize the owner of the business or whose in charge in the business. Let them know you quickly and making approach with your kind personality.

The smiling picture on your photo is also showing your capability and hospitality in solving the customer’s problems. The customer’s trust will grow by looking at your colorful, elegant, stylish, unique business card. In order to emphasize the text, adding the border around the card is possible to do. So everything looks in well arrangement.

Layout Photo Business Card

It is easy to start designing with blank business card templates . Placing your photo near your name and your position in your company. A short brief company profile near your position. If the business card is too narrow to put all information, make it 2sided card or double sided.

The first side is for information about your company. Company name, company address, telephone number, email. Short company description could be included in this side. On other side, the information for your name, position, contact number, email.

Choosing Color for Photo in Business Card

The background color of your business card should be contrast with the major color of your photo, but still able to display the text in that card. Black with white, red with yellow, red with white, blue with yellow are some color combination can be applied. Below you ca see the layout of the picture in business card.


Full Color Business Card Layout with Photo


Choose the right full color photo business card templates that suitable with your business that can increase customers’ loyalty to your company. That’s all the process making your own business card from template with photo.

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