How To Create A Blog At Blogger Free Service

If you have subject as your main content and keep selecting a free blog as your first tool in generating income from internet rather than on paid hosting, it doesn’t matter. At this time I will tell you  how to create a blog at free blog service Blogger owned by Google.

Why Blogger, not others? Because blogger is easy to setup especially by them who doesn’t have enough skills in HTML. All you have to do just click and click, that is so simple. Here the step to create blog at free blog service blogger.

If you have ever signed up in Google account, you can login with your email and password. Otherwise type, click”create a blog” and follow the further instruction by putting your email address.

On the next page, create a blog URL with keyword, niche or subject you have decided to be taken.

For title, put keyword, niche or subject you desire to be your theme content. It tells the search engine and your target visitors what subject do you share to them.

Choose any theme or layout as you like for this time. Changing layout can be done later after the blog created through editing HTML on Layout tab. Click next.

On the next page, it is a confirmation page that your blog is completed and you can post you first post.

That so simple right creating a blog with a free blog service from Blogger that owned by Google. And you can start to write your content.

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