10 High Quality Free Brochure Templates For Business and Corporate

We have a collection of 10 High Quality Free Brochure Templates For Business and Corporate. Generally, brochures are used as a promotional tool in the business. Brochures are used to offer products or services to customers. And here are some brochure templates with designs suitable for use in business and enterprise.

Currently the brochure is an important document that is almost inseparable in the modern world. The need for brochures for various activities and interests makes many parties, whether individuals or companies as well, creating a high quality brochure, pamphlet and leaflet with more creative design.

Brochure Flyer Leaflet Templates

What is Brochure?

The brochure is a document in paper form containing the information. It is generally made of paper that contains information in the form of texts or images, or a combination of both. Brochures are commonly used in business as an advertising tool in the form of media promotion and marketing of products or services.

There are so many design of the brochure at this time. There is a brochure which consists of only one sheet of paper. But there is also a brochure that has a lot of sheets of paper that held together using clamps. To make it look more interesting and more varied, there are brochures are folded into two or three folds.

Brochures with such a design is preferred by corporations for business or also by nonprofit organizations.

Who Uses Brochure?

Brochures are commonly used by companies to promote their products or services. But with the development of human effort, the brochure also used by non-profit organizations such as foundations or also educational institutions to notify important information about the agency.

Due to the great importance in providing information, brochures although has now developed internet technology, it turns out brochures are still needed, which is commonly referred to as e-brochure. Judging from the shape, the brochure has several types such as single sheet brochure: bi-fold – a sheet of paper printed on both sides of the page and folded in the middle, tri-fold – folded into three sections.

There is also a single sheet brochure has four panels, namely leaflet that is folded in half and folded back in the middle of it.

How to Make a Brochure

Creating a brochure can be done in various ways. The simplest way of making brochures can be done by handwriting directly on paper media. But with the technological tools such as computers, making brochures, leaflets and pamphlets becomes easier to do.

The most practical way and more powerful in creating a brochure is to use graphic design software. And that is commonly used is Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign or Coreldraw. All the software are specifically used to create the image, design, and visual graphics.

Steps to create a brochure using Adobe Photoshop :

  1. Open a new file to determine the size of worksheets and image resolution.
  2. Type the text you want to display as promotional material.
  3. Create an image as a creative medium in order to attract the attention of readers.
  4. Once finished designing and editing images, then the file is ready to be printed.

What Is Brochure Template?

Brochure template is a file that contains a brochure design that can be edited and customized with a design that you want to create. Template facilitate you in the process of making the brochure. Because it already has a basic design of a brochure, then you no longer need to search for the basic design idea of a brochure, flyers and pamphlets. All you have to do is change some part of the basic design of the template to fit the design you want to have.

List of Free Brochure Templates and Designs

And here are some High Quality free brochure templates with different formats and forms that can be downloaded and used for various purposes such as promotions, announcements, or as well as a price list of goods and services.

Tri-Fold Modern Brochure

Tri-Fold brochure Template
If you need a flyer that has the characteristics of clear, clean and modern look you can take advantage of three-fold brochure is to display the data, information, graphs, and tables that can be seen clearly the numbers and letters. This PSD brochure template paper size is 11 x 8.5 inch by 0.0125 inch borderless.

Corporate Brochure Maker

brochure maker template
You can utilize the template to create a brochure for a company to use it as a promotional tool, supply of goods and services or also list the latest items that just launched.


Free Flyer Templates for Business

Free Corporate Flyer Template

Black White Trifold Brochure Template

Trifold Brochure Design
Creative design a three-fold brochure template with the majority of basic colors such as black and white. But you can change the color combinations to edit them using Adobe Photoshop software.

THE BEST Premium Business Brochure Template 16 pages A4 + Letter

Premium Corporate Borchure Template
This is one of a premium of brochure template for business and corporate. This is the best seller of template for promoting items, product, service or your company. With clean, modern design and professional look makes your marketing effort paid off. Every character need in promotional tool is available in this template. Just drop your images, text and all you need include in brochure using Indesign.

Free Traveling Tri-fold Brochure Template

Tourism Brochure
Having a business in the field of tourism? You can take advantage of a brochure template for traveling business and with trifold format. You can edit these free templates using Adobe Photoshop software. With a background of blue color that matches with sea and the sky as well as beaches with white sand. You can use the brochure to offer product and services in terms of travel to unique tourist attractions. Or notify the traveler to get discounts and bonuses when using the services of tourist that you manage.

Free Tri fold Brochure for Business

Brochure template for business
Free brochure design and layout is very elegant and suitable for business purposes. Brochures which can be edited on the words, images, colors, customized with the promotion you will do. This brochure template file format using the PSD can be processed using Adobe Photoshop. Brochure design is very professional with the layout and composition great color on every page. You can enter important information about the company, address, contact on the front, or also other parts.

Free Booklet Template for Business

Booklet Template for Corporate
If you need a media as a promotional tool that is able to accommodate a lot of text, images, photo products, office photos, and more, then it is time you consider using booklet. With the booklet, you will have a lot of pages that can be used to be filled with a variety of information, such as company name, description, contacts, addresses, product images, photos and information services as well as the function of each item that you created. Template Photoshop booklet that can be downloaded for free has a design and layout that is professional and worthy utilized as a medium for corporate business.

Free Booklet Template for Travel Company

Travel Company Booklet Template
Another tourism theme of brochure template for promoting your trip agency, accommodation, ticketing, travel agency, diving destination, historical tourism and others. Basically this design is suitable for business and entertainment that every part of its layout is editable and customized for your need. This Photoshop brochure template is clean and unique design for showing your best marketing and promotion.

Free Bifold Real Estate Brochure Template

Brochure for Real Estate Business
Real estate is one type of business that requires a lot of marketing and promotion of the product to easily recognized and purchased by the customer. One way is to use the promotional brochures, booklets, flyers or leaflets as well for displaying your property, apartment, house, condominium, hotel, land and others. However the design of this bi-fold brochure template can be used to design the look of your promotional flyers.

Free Modern Bifolded Brochure Design

Modern Design Brochure Template
Modern design of a brochure that can increase the value and image of a company. Modernity has a present value that is considered to always keep abreast of the times and adaptive to change. Customers assume that the company is always concerned with the latest values and also customers.

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