Free Modern Business Cards Design Template For Word to Print

It is a free modern business card template for Word to download and print. The blue background color cards design to place your company name, name, position, address, phone number, fax and email. Or adding some other informations as neeed inside. It is created in and saved in .docx of Microsoft Office 2007 not in .dotx in horizontal layout.

Modern Business Card Color

With standars size of business card with 3,5″ width and 2″ height, the modern blue color cards has a specific meaning such as loyal, peaceful, trustworthy. It is known as a popular color in building customer loyalty. Other meaning of color such as black.

Modern Business Card Template Image

Business Cards Template For Word Modification

This word templates business cards is made with a simple way so that every need and want to do the personification according to his needs can be done in a simple way. Some changes can be made on this template as follows:

  • Replacement of the type size and font color.
  • Shift the position of the name, company address, company name telephone number, fax and email.
  • Adding background color of each piece.
  • Rotation letters, forms a category, add shadows, shades, etc.

all you can do with ease.

Make it simple to have a id card for your jobs with modern business card for Word.

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