Why Is It Better A Paid Hosting Than Free?

After deciding what subject you want to take as your main blog theme, it is time to create blog as the tool to make money from internet. You can choose to make a blog on a paid domain and paid hosting or on free hosting and subdomain.

For this time I suggest you to use the paid domain and paid hosting. A lot of benefits using the paid domain:

  • You can control all the thing inside your blog to maximize the result.
  • Search Engine¬† is an important factor you should consider in this matter. Paid hosting and domain give a better result in SERP than a free.
  • You blog is more trustworthy than a free hosting.
  • Many beautiful template you can put in your hosting to get a nice layout.
  • For a long term, your blog domain is also your brand in internet, so by¬† start promoting your blog in internet is similar to spread your brand and tell other people that you are exist.

Many domain and hosting provider you can select to host your blog. You can ask your local provider near you or search in internet using Google. You can also join in a forum that the members can suggest you for the best hosting and domain in your condition.

After getting one domain and hosting, I suggest using WordPress to post articles and creating the design. If you are newbie about WordPress, many resources in internet you can visit to learn how to use WordPress from scratch. And then you can start to make money from blog.

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