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Free printable template for small business and corporatte such as ledger form, accounting, orgnizer, planner, card, inventory, budget, in worksheet

What is Truly Going on with 1040Ez Printable Form

It is possible to print forms free of charge on the IRS Web website. These forms can be gotten at exactly the same places where standard federal and state forms are readily available. The ideal IRS income tax form is essential that you stay from trouble having the most powerful agency in the Earth, the IRS. Continue reading

Free Printable Fire Escape Plan Template Download – Evacuation Plan Diagram

Printable Fire Escape Plan Template is useful for you. You get up to a crying alarm at the midst of this eveningtime. Every moment counts along with your regular paths are obstructed. These will be the challenges you will face when fire breaks out on your residence. There’s not any opportunity to believe. Your responses take you through. You may live or die according to snap conclusions. Continue reading

Brochure Flyer Leaflet Templates

10 High Quality Free Brochure Templates For Business and Corporate

We have a collection of 10 High Quality Free Brochure Templates For Business and Corporate. Generally, brochures are used as a promotional tool in the business. Brochures are used to offer products or services to customers. And here are some brochure templates with designs suitable for use in business and enterprise.

Currently the brochure is an important document that is almost inseparable in the modern world. The need for brochures for various activities and interests makes many parties, whether individuals or companies as well, creating a high quality brochure, pamphlet and leaflet with more creative design.

Brochure Flyer Leaflet Templates

What is Brochure?

The brochure is a document in paper form containing the information. It is generally made of paper that contains information in the form of texts or images, or a combination of both. Brochures are commonly used in business as an advertising tool in the form of media promotion and marketing of products or services.

There are so many design of the brochure at this time. There is a brochure which consists of only one sheet of paper. But there is also a brochure that has a lot of sheets of paper that held together using clamps. To make it look more interesting and more varied, there are brochures are folded into two or three folds.

Brochures with such a design is preferred by corporations for business or also by nonprofit organizations.

Who Uses Brochure?

Brochures are commonly used by companies to promote their products or services. But with the development of human effort, the brochure also used by non-profit organizations such as foundations or also educational institutions to notify important information about the agency.

Due to the great importance in providing information, brochures although has now developed internet technology, it turns out brochures are still needed, which is commonly referred to as e-brochure. Judging from the shape, the brochure has several types such as single sheet brochure: bi-fold – a sheet of paper printed on both sides of the page and folded in the middle, tri-fold – folded into three sections.

There is also a single sheet brochure has four panels, namely leaflet that is folded in half and folded back in the middle of it.

How to Make a Brochure

Creating a brochure can be done in various ways. The simplest way of making brochures can be done by handwriting directly on paper media. But with the technological tools such as computers, making brochures, leaflets and pamphlets becomes easier to do.

The most practical way and more powerful in creating a brochure is to use graphic design software. And that is commonly used is Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign or Coreldraw. All the software are specifically used to create the image, design, and visual graphics.

Steps to create a brochure using Adobe Photoshop :

  1. Open a new file to determine the size of worksheets and image resolution.
  2. Type the text you want to display as promotional material.
  3. Create an image as a creative medium in order to attract the attention of readers.
  4. Once finished designing and editing images, then the file is ready to be printed.

What Is Brochure Template?

Brochure template is a file that contains a brochure design that can be edited and customized with a design that you want to create. Template facilitate you in the process of making the brochure. Because it already has a basic design of a brochure, then you no longer need to search for the basic design idea of a brochure, flyers and pamphlets. All you have to do is change some part of the basic design of the template to fit the design you want to have.

List of Free Brochure Templates and Designs

And here are some High Quality free brochure templates with different formats and forms that can be downloaded and used for various purposes such as promotions, announcements, or as well as a price list of goods and services.

Tri-Fold Modern Brochure

Tri-Fold brochure Template
If you need a flyer that has the characteristics of clear, clean and modern look you can take advantage of three-fold brochure is to display the data, information, graphs, and tables that can be seen clearly the numbers and letters. This PSD brochure template paper size is 11 x 8.5 inch by 0.0125 inch borderless.

Corporate Brochure Maker

brochure maker template
You can utilize the template to create a brochure for a company to use it as a promotional tool, supply of goods and services or also list the latest items that just launched.


Free Flyer Templates for Business

Free Corporate Flyer Template

Black White Trifold Brochure Template

Trifold Brochure Design
Creative design a three-fold brochure template with the majority of basic colors such as black and white. But you can change the color combinations to edit them using Adobe Photoshop software.

THE BEST Premium Business Brochure Template 16 pages A4 + Letter

Premium Corporate Borchure Template
This is one of a premium of brochure template for business and corporate. This is the best seller of template for promoting items, product, service or your company. With clean, modern design and professional look makes your marketing effort paid off. Every character need in promotional tool is available in this template. Just drop your images, text and all you need include in brochure using Indesign.

Free Traveling Tri-fold Brochure Template

Tourism Brochure
Having a business in the field of tourism? You can take advantage of a brochure template for traveling business and with trifold format. You can edit these free templates using Adobe Photoshop software. With a background of blue color that matches with sea and the sky as well as beaches with white sand. You can use the brochure to offer product and services in terms of travel to unique tourist attractions. Or notify the traveler to get discounts and bonuses when using the services of tourist that you manage.

Free Tri fold Brochure for Business

Brochure template for business
Free brochure design and layout is very elegant and suitable for business purposes. Brochures which can be edited on the words, images, colors, customized with the promotion you will do. This brochure template file format using the PSD can be processed using Adobe Photoshop. Brochure design is very professional with the layout and composition great color on every page. You can enter important information about the company, address, contact on the front, or also other parts.

Free Booklet Template for Business

Booklet Template for Corporate
If you need a media as a promotional tool that is able to accommodate a lot of text, images, photo products, office photos, and more, then it is time you consider using booklet. With the booklet, you will have a lot of pages that can be used to be filled with a variety of information, such as company name, description, contacts, addresses, product images, photos and information services as well as the function of each item that you created. Template Photoshop booklet that can be downloaded for free has a design and layout that is professional and worthy utilized as a medium for corporate business.

Free Booklet Template for Travel Company

Travel Company Booklet Template
Another tourism theme of brochure template for promoting your trip agency, accommodation, ticketing, travel agency, diving destination, historical tourism and others. Basically this design is suitable for business and entertainment that every part of its layout is editable and customized for your need. This Photoshop brochure template is clean and unique design for showing your best marketing and promotion.

Free Bifold Real Estate Brochure Template

Brochure for Real Estate Business
Real estate is one type of business that requires a lot of marketing and promotion of the product to easily recognized and purchased by the customer. One way is to use the promotional brochures, booklets, flyers or leaflets as well for displaying your property, apartment, house, condominium, hotel, land and others. However the design of this bi-fold brochure template can be used to design the look of your promotional flyers.

Free Modern Bifolded Brochure Design

Modern Design Brochure Template
Modern design of a brochure that can increase the value and image of a company. Modernity has a present value that is considered to always keep abreast of the times and adaptive to change. Customers assume that the company is always concerned with the latest values and also customers.

Envelope Paper Mockup

14 Free Envelope and Paper Mockup for Business Photoshop PSD Template

These are some gathered Free Envelop Mockup Templates for displaying your graphics, 3D, or stationery product. And some Free Paper Mockup Templates to display your business brand identity such as logo, company’s name, address, contact number in document, letter, business card, pen, pencil. Those all free mockups are free to download, edit and use for your projects.

These available envelope PSD mockups template in Photoshop file format in various design, color and style. This free stationery mockup design is useful for company’s branding identity. Putting logo, name, address, email, social media address on mockup as shown on real envelope.

stationary mockup template

Formal Elegant Letter Envelope Mockup Template

This is a formal design of a stationary template to display company’s logo, name and other identities. It is so easy to change this free printable business template default setting with your own. Just click the smart layer then put your properties, the last you will have all done completed.

A4 Landscape Paper Mockup


A free paper mockup template for displaying logo, name and other stationery branding. This editable PSD mockup is easy by clicking the smart layer.

Envelope and Letter Mockup Template

Here’s a free envelope template in mockup design with letter that you can download in PSD format.

Wavy Paper Mockup Template

A design mockup featuring a piece of paper that is wavy like the wind. Color paper, desin logo image and text you can change by editing the smart layer.

Various Stationery Size Mockup

Various Size Stationery Mockup Design
Various sizes of paper mockup design of the A5, A6 which can be used to display the branding and corporate identity in the form of letter paper.

Stationery A4 Mokcup Diagonally

A4 Paper Mockup
A PSD Mockup template for displaying a sheet that looks limp diagonally

Creased A4 Paper Mockup

A Folded A4 Paper Mockup
Mockup template design with a sheet of A4 paper which is visible creases.

Perspective A4 Mockup

Perspective Side Mockup
Mock up designs using A4 paper to the position which gives a different perspective to see a company’s brand.

Folded A4 Symmetrically

Symmetrically Folded A4 Mockup
Mock an A4 size paper is visible creases symmetrically horizontally and vertically.

Flat Simple A4 Mockup

Flat Paper ans Simple Mockup Design
A Photoshop mockup design of a piece of paper that looks simple and in a flat condition with no creases or waves like the wind.

Skewed A4 Mockup Template

Skewed Paper Design
A Mockup design of a paper with A4 sheet size which has a left-leaning views to provide a branding company.

Set Stationery Mockup Design

Set Stationery Mockup
A set of design mockup that consists of stationery, folders, envelopes and business cards that can be used to display the company’s identity and brand. Change the logo, name and brand by editing the smart layer.

Set Stationery Different View Mockup

Set Stationery Mockup
One set of documents mockup featuring the letter paper, folders and business cards that can be used to display the company logo, brand and identity. Mockup design consists of a front view and a perspective that can be edited on the smart layer.

Unique View A4 Mockup

Paper Mockup with Unique View
2 pieces mockup design for A4-sized paper that shows the position of perspective, distort and skew also very unique and realistic images such as photographs.

Hot / Cold Drink Cup Mockup

12 Free Cup Mockup PSD for Hot / Cold Coffee, Chocolate / Tea Drink

Here are some free design templates cup mockup drinks that can be used for hot or cold beverages such as coffee, tea, chocolate, espresso, latte, macchiato, mocachino and others. You can use these mockup templates for promoting you business in visual graphic design.

List Collection of Free Hot / Cold Drink Cup Mockup

Hot / Cold Drink Cup Mockup
Below the list of free hot or cold drink cup mock-up PSD template

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Colorful Hot Drink Cup Mockup With Steam

Free Hot Drink Cup Mokcup and Steam

A paper or plastic coffee mockup template for showdase or displaying hot drink such product as coffee, espresso, milk, tea or chocolate. Accompanied with colorful design on the cup’s side and you can add your logo, name, price tag, company’s name, etc. A good tool for promote your coffee shop business, beverage, etc in marketing or presentation.

Free Coffee Paper Cup Mock-up

Free Paper Coffe Cup Mockup
This free cup mockup can be used for containers of coffee or tea. In fact, you can also use it to container cocoa liquor, milk or even latte. Just download this PSD template with dimension 2000 × 1500 px and size: 31.8 Mb and editing the template using smart layer.

Two Espresso Cup With Lid Mockup

Free Espresso Cup Mockup

A good design of two hot espresso paper cup mock up template in PSD Photoshop. The template consis of two cups with different image. One shows the symbols, name of logo. And the other one shows the reverse of the paper cup. The dimension of this template is 1920 × 1080 px and size 70 Mb.

Free White Paper / Plastic Cup Mock-up

White Cup Mockup
A basic plastic or paper coffee cup branding mockup template with white color. Add your logo to the cup by editing on smart layer as you see at Starbucks coffee.

Free Easy Plastic Coffee Cup Design Mockup

Easy Coffee Tea Cup Design Mockup
If you want to present a easy design of plastic cup with out lid and its content, you can download this free coffee / tea cup mockup template in PSD

Free Paper Coffee cup With Lid

Free Paper Coffee Cup Mockup

Free Paper Hot Cup With Lid and Stir Mockup

Hot Cp Mockup Lid and Stir

Another design of a coffe cup PSD mockup template compared with the design of glass on top picture. This mug comes with a cover and stir in it. You can use it to display your business logo and company name on the coffee cup.

Cappuccino Cup Mockup Template

Cappucino Cup Mock-up PSD

A cup design mockup for cappucino coffee that looks very real because of the background image in the form of photos. Just download this photo 3D realistic mockup cappuccino PSD mockup template and edit it on smart layer.

Small Espresso Cup Mock-up PSD Template

Small Short Espresso Cup Mockup
Here’s a drink cup mockup template espresso cups small size which has an attractive design with cartoons around the cup. Download free mockup PSD templates and edit in the smart object.

Unique Paper Coffee Cup in Hand Mock-up

Free Cup with Lid Mockup PSD Template
Mockup template cup with a lid on it for a wide variety of hot or cold drinks. Where the design of the cup consists of four pictures showing two different cup sizes and poses different hand when grasping for the both cup.

Free Porcelain Cup Mockup with Logo PSD

Porcelain Coffee Cup Mockup

The cups are made of clay or porcelain can be used as a template mockup very interesting to show or promotion of the company’s name, logo and brand. You can put the logo on the coffee cup side mockup of the porcelain.

Free Two Mug Mockup Design PSD Template

Two Mugs Mockup Template
Two cups of large size with classic style mockup design template used to display the name of your company’s business. Business coffee shop or a tea shop can take advantage of the design. Or used for business presentations related to beverage businesses.

Food Drink Packaging Container Mockup

29 Free Food Packaging Mockup PSD Templates to Download

Free mockup PSD template for food packaging container are graphic design for displays mockup. These kind of food or beverage container image design for the purposes of promotion, marketing, presentations, blogs, websites, printed documents will greatly help speed up the work and get the maximum display.

What is Mockup

Mockup is a kind of physical model or imitation that has similar design with the real object. Mock-up is usually used as sample display in store, research and other purpose. In graphic design, mockup forms as image or photo of the object that is used in printing design. Food Packaging Mockup food packaging mockup free download mockups psd fast dog pet mock up frozen box plastic photoshop baby design food-supplement-packaging-bottle-mockup-psd food-packaging-branding-mockups cats mock-up supplement bottle.

List of Free Food Packaging PSD Mockup Template

Food and Drink Mockup Template Collection
Below the list of food and drink packaging mockup templates collection.
29 Free Food Packaging Mockup PSD Template

Free Energy Drink Can Mockup Design PSD Template

Free Drink Can Mockup PSD

If you have a drink or beverages product and to display it, this free drink mockup PSD template is so good for that purpose. With fully editable layer with smart object layer make it easy to customize your can design. You just need to paste your flat design into the Photoshop template layer, then the finished drink can cover photo realistic is ready to print or upload on any promo and marketing material.

Commercial drink, coffee can, coke can, ice tea can, juice, lemon, milk are some canned products with which to use this mockup design.


Free Fish Meat Styrofoam Mockup PSD Template

Free Fish Meat Container PSD
Displays raw foods such as meat, fish, seafood usually in packaging made of styrofoam and can only be used once only. And free mockup design templates can help you to show the product in the form of promotion, marketing or packaging samples also for your clients.


Free Paper Coffee / Tea Cup Mockup

Free Paper Coffee Tea Cup Mock-up
A mockup branding for drinking product such as coffee, hot chocolate, tea and other warm or hot drinkable products. You can download this mockup design psd to show your brand, name and logo on a paper cup template. A realistic 3D photo and fully editable layer of a free PSD coffee mockup template that you can customize in Adobe Photoshop. The dimension is 3000×2250 pixel.


Free Plastic Container Jar PSD Mockup

Free Plastic Jar Mockup

A free packaging mockup in Adobe Photoshop PSD format with protein jar. This plastic bottle of protein jar mockup is suitable to display your product such as protein, cake salad, mason jar, whey, protein shaker, oat, ball, bar. This free psd mockup template is available in two color of silver and black. This silver one sometime is called as silver HDPE because of its material used. With 3D photo realistic photo on the background, or you can change it with your own background.

This template is so easy to edit and customize into your newly design, form, group file and so on for your personal or commercial used. You just need to put flat design of your label and image in PSD format into a smart object layer, then the template will form into the result in 3D plastic container protein jar design.


Free Plastic Coffee Cup Photoshop Template

Free plastic hot coffee cup Mockup
Download plastic coffee cup mockup free photoshop template to display your hot drink product such as coffee, tea or chocolate. With a bright and colorful of this photo realistic free PSD mockup design for promoting or marketing your coffee shop, coffee bean, tea leaf, or chocolate drink business in graphics.

This free mockup design available in two different coffee cup design, one is with a glass lid and other is not. It es easy to edit the template just by clicking the smart object layer, put your slat psd design into the opened layer, click saved and the template with automatic update the design with yours.

Gold Embossed Logo On Paper And Glass

Free Gold Embossed Logo Mockup PSD
Logo is part of business as branding for commercial that put on stationery, book, paper, or even glass. And now you can download for free a gold embossed on paper and coffee glass. The design of this writing or text mockup is so elegant, look luxurious and so realistic due to its 3D effect on it. This PSD mockup template is editable on Photoshop with smart object layers with dimension 2800×2000 pixels and file 32.6 MB seize.

Free Milk Packaging Carton Box Mockup

Free Milk Packaging Carton Box Mockup
Download free milk packaging mockup in carton box in PSD Adobe Photoshop format with a high quality image design of 5000×4000 pixels in 300 dpi resolution. The carton is in color combination of pink and white and a drawing of fluid milk being poured into a glass. You can edit the template through smart object layer.

Free Tin Soda Can Mock-up PSD

Free Tin Soda Can Mockup PSD
Download free soda tin can mockup in PSD template. A good tool to display or showing your product, project of a soda drinking, beverage, soft drink, lemon, liquor, etc. This PSD editable full layer with smart object with dimension 1920 × 1273 px and Size: 17 Mb.

Free Tea Paper Cup Mock-up

Free Tea Paper Cup

A freebie of mockup PSD template for tea cup design. If you have scene about tea shop, tea leaf or related others, you can download this PSD template with dimension 2000 × 1500 px and size: 31.8 Mb.

Clipped Snack Bag Mockup Template

Clipped Snack Bag Mockup
A free bag food packaging mockup of clipped snack bag mockup template in PSD format. A 3D photo realistic with shadow on the background to display snack, meal or small food container mockup in plastic bag. It usually has a clip on the top after the cover bag is cut. You can edit the template by putting your flat of 2D design on the smart object layer, and the rest the template with automatically will finished the design. The dimension is 1920× 1080px and size 14 Mb.

Six Bottles In Crate Carton Box Mockup

Free Bottle and Carton Box Mockup PSD
Download Free Bottles and Crate Carton Box Mockup PSD Template. Now is a unique image design of the perspective six bottle and carton box to display label, logo and small image on it. You can attach your name, brand, logos on the top side of the six bottles and two sides of the carton box. This is a PSSD format that you can edit on Photoshop using smart object layer. The image dimension is 1920 × 1080 px with size 21 Mb file.

Free 3D Realistic Mug Mockup PSD Design

Free 3D Mug Mockup
If you have a design project, of want to display anything using mug in graphic, this free mug mockup PSD template is so good. Because this mug design shows a real 3D photo realistic with some light reflection on each corners and sides. You can edit the template for changing the label, logo, name, brand, image on the mug, or edit the background image with others by clicking the smart object layer. Then put your flat design PSD layer image into the layer for a finishing step. This dimension image is in 1499 × 1124 pxl and file size 21.2 Mb.

Free Wine Bottle And Artistic Wooden Case Mockup

Artistis Wood Box with Wine Bottle Mockup Template
Download a classy design of a wine bottle mockup with artistic wood box. A luxurious look of a wooden box as wine bottle casing that you can add the logo, name, brand and small image onto it. With unfinished wooden case with some natural of flower carving on every side. The image dimensions is 1920× 1080 px and size 6.28 Mb.

Two Hot Drink Cup With Lid Mockup

Two Hot Drink Cup Mockup for Coffe or Tea
Another design of hot drink cup with lid. The two cup of hot coffee, chocolate or tea that covered with lid image deisn mockup for displaying product, project of just business presentation. You can add your logo, name, brand or icon on the cup’s front side. The design is in 1920 × 1080 px dimension and size 70 Mb.

Four Cold Drink Bottles Mockup

Four Cold Drink Bottle Mockup
Download Cold Drink Beer Mockup Bottlee PSD Template. Some bottles that you can edit the label, logo and name with yours for your project, presentation, product display or website. A PSD format desigm with 2415 × 4000 px of dimension and size 10.8 Mb.

Three Clear Bottles Mockup

Three Clear Bottles Mockup
A 3 simple clear bottles mockup psd template for displaying a different logo, brand , name and style on each bottle.

Free Starbucks Coffee Cup Mockup

Free Starbucks Coffee Cup Mockup
Remember coffee, remember Starbucks. Likewise with free mockup PSD this one that explores free mockup with style coffee cup Starbucks.

Free Porcelain Cup Mockup with Logo PSD

Free Porcelain Cup Mockup PSD
Displaying the logo, name, brand associated with the drinks, the food, the restaurant business, culinary, cafes, coffee shops, tea shops, and other woods can use porcelain cups mockup graphic design.

Free Simple Paper Cup Mockup

Simple Paper Cup Mockup
This is a very simple paper cup mockup without lid or cover and content. It is easy to replace the logo, brand or name on the side of the cup by clicking the smart object layer and put your flat design.

Free Paper Coffee cup With Lid

Free Paper Coffee Cup Mockup

Porcelain Milkjug, Jar Mockup Template

Free Set Milkjug Jar Mockup
A set of classic style porcelain coffee cup, milkjug and jar mockup template. You can change the color of each tableware, add text on each side by clicking o the smart object layer in the template. The file size is 19.2 MB.

Free Paper Hot Cup With Lid Mockup

Paper Hot Cup with Lid
A beautiful design and color of a free psd mockup template with paper hot cup that you can edit the color, text by customizing the smart object layer.

Free Realistic Wine Bottle PSD Vector Shape Mockup

Wine Bottle Mockup Template
A dark color or black wine bottle mockup template to show company’s name, brand or logo on the side and neck bottle by editing the smart layer.

Free PSD Soda Can Mockup Template

PSD Soda Can Mockup Template
With basic of green background as can color, this free PSD soda can mockup template is good to use as a showcase of your beverage product. Easy editable by clicking the smart layer.

Free Classic Beer Bottle Mockup PSD Template

Free Beer Bottle Mockup PSD Template
A classic style of beer bottle mockup template in PSD format. You can change the logo, name and brand on the side and neck of the bottle by editing the smart layer.

Free Cappuccino Mockup Template

Free Cappuccino Mockup Template
Download a photorealistic mockup 3D cappuccino PSD mockup template by editing on smart layer.

Free PSD Classic Mug Mockup Template

Mug Mockup
Two color of classic mug mockup template in Photoshop PSD format that editable through smart layer.

Free Espresso Cup Mock-up Template

Free Espresso Mockup Template
A more unique of coffee cup mockup template. But now it is an expresso mockup PSD template to showcase logo, name and brand of your product, project of just for marketing presentation. A smart object is a great tool to edit as you wish.

Unique Paper Coffee Cup in Hand Mock-up

Paper Coffee Cup in Hand
A unique mockup design template with a paper coffee cup in hand mock-up. So if your want to promote your coffee shop, cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, yuanyang, palazzo, shakerato and other type of coffee, it is good to use this mockup to show your spirit of brand, name and logo by customize the template through smart object.

Mockup Stationery

20 Free Stationery Mockup PSD Templates for Branding Identity

Now you can get a number of 20 Free Stationary Mockup Templates in PSD format for corporate or business branding identity by showing logo, company’s name, address, products, etc on envelope, paper letter, paper header, folder and others that you can download for free as stationary brands.

Stationery Mockup

What is Mockup

Mockup design is a model of an object in a certain size or full-size scale that is used as a demonstration tool, teaching, promotion and other purposes. Mock-up in the world of digital marketing and online is usually used as a promotional tool to show the results of a job or project. The results of the mockup is an image that can be posted on many social media, email, websites or blogs to get the attention of visitors.

What the Function of A Mock Up

Mockup has a function as a replica or model of an object with same design, color and other specification. With the mockup, so visitors can find out the final outcome of these templates before downloading. And here are some design stationary mockup PSD template for displaying the results of the project with an image in the form of papers, documents. These free PSD Mockups Advertising can be edited using Adobe Photoshop software

A must Have of 20 Free Stationery Mockup PSD Templates with Different Design for Business Corporate Branding Identity

Free Stationary Mockup Builder

Free Stationary Mockup
A stationery mockup set bundle builder for document in shape of paper, with editable layer via Smart Object Layers to show a realistic photo style with 16-bit Color Depth and dimension Hi-Res 2500px * 1400px (300DPI).

Free Business Card Mockup PSD

Free Office Document Mockup
A business card mockup design simple but elegant and professional to show paper project, office document resume, cv and other with these 5 PSD mockup design in RGB color, high resolution, fully editable layers.

Free Stationery Scene Mockup Builder

Free Stationary Scene Mockup Builder

A classic style scene builder of a set branding mockup stationery for present a corporate identity. Consists of 16 movable objects and fully editable files. It is easy for you to create so many different style of mockup by moving, rotating or scaling the objects.

Free Stationery Letter, Letterhead, Envelope Mockup

Free Stationary Mockup Set Vol1
A set of stationery mockup bundle with some different document formats. The showcase tool builder for displaying business card, envelope, letter, letterhead in mockup design with granite texture as background. Available in 5 Photoshop files with different angle, composition and view to display your different objects.


Free Folded, Curled Fancy A4 Paper Mock-up PSD

Free A4 Mockup PSD
A fancy A4 mockup PSD template to download with US paper size design in curling or folded form. It is easy to change many element in the mockup template such as background color, size, and others.

Perspective Letter Paper Mockup

Perspective Legal Size Mockup

A mock up with 3 legal paper sized cards in perspective view for having different stile for image document, resume, cover letter or office design.

Simple White Stationary Mockup PSD

Simple White Stationary Mockup PSD Template
A simple design with white plain as paper color in a set stationary mockup template in PSD format. This free for commercial mock-up promotion and marketing is available in Hi-Res 3000px * 2000px (300DPI) and full layered that the content can be edited in Smart Object Layers. The size of its buxinesss cars is in 3,5inch x 2inch.


Free A4 PSD Mockup Vol.2

Free A4 Paper Size PSD Mockup Template
After releasing the same format of A4 paper size mockup fol , now it is time for the same size of vol2 that you can download for free and displaying your paper, document, Word, publisher or excel design in mockup format. A good tool to showcase your stationary design in high-resolution mock-up of a and two A4 papers. The PSD file is editable, full layered, easy to use and setting for presentation. Available in dimension of 2800x2100px and the file size to download is 2,87MB.


Free Flyer/CV A4 Mockups PSD

Free Flyer/Cv A4 Mockups PSD

Consist of 3 psd files that suitable as flyer or CV mockup in A4 paper size or 210 × 297 mm. The PSD format resolution is 3000×2000px that you can edit via smart objects and blending textured option in coated (glossy) and uncoated (matte) paper option. All the files are fully separated and movable objects and shadows.


One Page Paper Design Mockup Template

Free White Paper Mockup Template
A set of three different styles white paper mock-up templates you can download for free. This brand identity template is suitable for displaying company’s log and name in design graphic project.

Free Branding Stationery Mockup Vol.7

Branding Stationery Mockup Vol.7
A branding tool for showcase your document of paper product with this perspective PSD Mockup. With a professionally designed graphics in minimalist mockup also clean and simple in full layered of PSD file with dimension 2800x2100px and file size of 3.37MB.

Free Branding Mockup Vol.6

Branding Stationery Mockup Vol.6

An easy way to use stationary mock-up for branding or identity of your document on paper form products. It is a good tool for designing your letter showcase design in professional look, modern layout and minimalistic style in full-layered PSD file format of 2800x2100px dimension and file size 3,93MB.

Free Mockup PSD for Resume

Free Resume Mockup PSD

A set of mockup design with some tools around the letters. A good tool for showing your resume template in Word or in Adobe Photoshop in many digital online social media or website with this free mockup in PSD format.


Free A4 Paper PSD Mock-Up Vol5

Psd A4 Paper Mock-Up Vol5
A free mockup PSD template with format in a folded psd A4 paper size to show your creative paper printing design project such as resume, poster, letter, brochure, flyer, newspaper, cards, etc.

Free Scroll Paper PSD Paper Mockup

Free Scrolled Paper Mock Up

If you need to show up your printable paper project with different view, this scrolled paper mock-up can be one of your choice. It is easy to edit in Adobe Photoshop by adding you picture into smart layer and changing the background color as you wish.

Dark Gold Frame Stationary Mockup

Free Stationary Black And Gold PSD MockUp

Are looking for tools to show your project design in elegant, classy and high class look? this dark mockup with gold frame border is the right choice for you corporate branding identity. The combination black color in the background and gold in the border makes your company logo seen more clearly. There are 4 background colors in the file set that you can choose for texture and you can edit in Adobe Photoshop CS4 via Smart Layer in dimension of 3500×2336 px with size 167 Mb.

Free Simple CV Mockup

Free CV Mockup Simple A4 on desk

Sharing and showing your resume of CV template is suitable with this mock-up. If you are a resume creator, designer, photographer, web developer or job seeker who need attention from employers, project owner by displaying your impressive, professional resume.


Free Curling A4 Paper Mockup

Free Curled A4 Paper Mockup

Another version and view of A4 paper PSD mockup template for showing paper document such as office letter, CV, resume, letterhead, and other stationery design or project. The dimension of this file is 3000×2150 px and edited in Adobe Photoshop CS4 with 11 Mb size.

Free Envelope Letter Card Mockup

Free Envelope Letter Business Card Mockup

A complete set of stationery mockup consist of envelope, letter, business card, log, clip, stamp, that you can use for you company branding identity. There are 2 different view of the mockup set, the mockup is distinguished from the composition of existing goods. The design is in photo-realistic, and professional look. Edited via smart layer in Photoshop CS4 in High resolution 5000×3000 px dimension and 305 Mb size.

Folder Cover Mockup PSD

Folder Cover Mockup PSD

A mockup design to show folder cover for your letter, office document, brochure, flyer, with background wooden texture.

Free A4 Booklet PSD Mockup

Free A4 Booklet PSD Mockup
A fully layer editable in Adobe Photosop for showing up A4 paper in booklet shape.

Free Printable Babysitting Template

21 Must Have Free Babysitting Activities Printable : Flyer, Checklist, Kit, Notes

These are some useful material of babysitting activities printable material by managing their time and what to do everyday. Being a babysitter has a high responsibility, it relates to the profession and care for one’s soul. Another point relates to the babysitting responsibility, to easily perform tasks and get a job. Here are some Free Babysitting Printable should be owned by a babysitter.

21 List of Free Babysitting Printable Template

Free Printable Babysitting Template

Below documents you must have if you want to do in babysitter jobs and business such as babysitting and related. babysitting activities for 2 year olds toddlers 3 12 1 5 8 ideas middle schoolers 4-6 elementary 9 6-8 pinterest babies 4 by age and crafts all ages on a rainy day one old games best 7 boy course christmas class craft cool creative cute different to do with diy easy easter 3rd graders good great halloween infants indoor when its raining inexpensive list outdoor outside 10 11 three preschoolers printables pdf lesson plans days summer simple training tweens two fun thanksgiving top winter while four 4-5 2-4

Pink Free Printable Babysitting Flyer Template


A free babysitting flyer template design for those who need to find job by advertise skills and experience in taking care baby. This free babysitting poster printable is available in many formats of Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), OpenOffice (.odt) and PDF files.


Blank Babysitter Flyer Template



Free Babysitting Flyer Template Creator

free babysitting flyer creator

If you don’t have much time to create your own flyer for your babysitting business jobs, you can utilize this free flyer creator online. With this tool, you can have your own babysitting flyer in second. You only need to type your data and some information on some blank forms.


Sample Resume for Babysitter

Example of Babysitting Resume

If you need to find baby sitting jobs then want to apply to some community, you can make your resume for babysitter by following the example on above image. That is a basic resume template for babysitter content. for layout and design, you can choose on your own style. If you can operate software such as Adobe Photoshop, it is a good way to have a charming image. For combining with text content, the image can be put into Microsoft Word software.

Free Babysitting Checklist Printable Blue Theme

Babysitting Checklist

Having a lot of fun things to do while babysitting needs a good time management to make every activities done well. And this babysitter checklist can help you in arrange all things by filling the free printable forms with your activities all day. By having daily report template every mom or mother will have reports what thing have done.

Free Babysitting Kit Printables

Free Babysitting Kit Printables Set Picture
This is a set of fun activities printables which you can use when give baby to play during their playing time. This free babysitting template is useful for babysitter as a professional or those who has daughter, grand-daughter or niece at home.

Includes in this kits of babysitter information sheet are :

  • Tips to be a Great Babysitter
  • Safety Tips While Babysitting
  • Important Information Forms
  • Fun Games While with Baby
  • Ideas to Add to Babysitting Kit
  • Memory Match Game
  • Babysitting Kit Folder Labels


Free Activity Days Babysitting Kit Printable

Free printable babysittingkit

If you are looking for what best activities while babysitting, this free printable kit is suitable for you. Because this babysitting printable contains a lot of useful activities for kids. This baby schedule template also help them who take care of the baby to know what must do on certain time.  There are so many activities that will not make you run out of ideas for the children to remain happy and get lessons by using this babysitting duties sheet. What you can get from this set of kit :

  1. Kit cover page
  2. Questionnaire
  3. First Aid
  4. Games to play
  5. List of Songs to Sing
  6. Activities
  7. Shape Game Template


Free Babysitting Binder Printable

Free Babysitter Binder Printable

Having a lot of document about babysitting sometime is confusing. You miss one document, it can make you angry. Collecting all the documents in one babysitting binder can help your to ease your daily routine task.


Free Babysitter Notes Printable

Free Babysitter Notes

Caring for someone else’s baby has a big responsibility but certainly not a baby-sitter naturally know about a lot of things about the baby. To make it easier to have important information related to the baby, such as: information parents, an important number that can be contacted, the instruction to do and some other information that should be known by a babysitter.


How To Make Additional Income From Your Websites

Have you ever know how to make additional income from your website? So you’ve a pleasant searching website, that has good content and it is well optimized, nevertheless, you are searching to earn extra earnings in the site. Do you know the next things you can do to achieve this? This short article gives helpful advice, that we hope will answer this for you personally.

How To Make Additional Income

I’ve a lot of websites and some blog eager to discover the most recent website promotion techniques, contributing to improve websites page ranking in the search engines.

Just one way of generating money with additional income ideas from your internet site is by joining a number of affiliate schemes. Commissions vary, however for those who have a higher traffic site you’ll be able to prosper from all of these schemes.

Why Creative Jobs Can Increase Your Performance? This Is The Answer!

The Best How To Make Additional Income From Blogs And Webs

Joining a course like Google Adsense is one thing that we prefer. This is when google place specific adverts in your website and essentially you get money when individuals click among the advertisements. With respect to the website subject material, these clicks can earn quite maximum commission. I’d a single click, on a single of my hair thinning websites which gained over $ 10. This really is quite rare and normally you’ll most likely earn about forty cents per click. For those who have a lot of content based, helpful and fascinating websites this could soon accumulate.

Just how much you get will rely on the length of time and work you place into each website. For me effort takes care of and despite the fact that you might learn about certain methods to cheat the search engines like google, for example by utilizing hidden pages or by joining a hyperlink building plan, this can in the long run would you more damage than good. The search engines like google employ a few of the top people and they’re prone to help you find out, prohibit your site using their engine so you risk being began with Google’s Adsense program altogether.

The effort I authored about earlier, is as simple as marketing your site naturally. In my opinion the bottom line is to develop the amount of backward links your site has, that’s essentially the amount of other websites that connect to you. These links ought to be built progressively and that i would likely never buy a hundred backward links, from for instance ebay. Where possible you should attempt and acquire these links from sites out of your own sector or industry.

The easiest method to increase the dpi of backward links is as simple as writing and submitting articles. You’ll be able to incorporate a backlink to your website within the article so when other website owners incorporate your article online or blog, this then provides you with a 1-way link. One-way links would be the most effective type of backward link within the eyes from the internet search engine.

I’ve been writing and submitting articles for a long time now and contains shown to be easily, probably the most helpful type of website promotion I’ve discovered to date.

Yahoo have finally introduced an identical plan to adsense, that we believe is just presently obtainable in America. I haven’t yet added these adverts to my websites like me located in the United kingdom, therefore am not able to comment any longer about the subject.

Most People Love These 5 Second Income Ideas As Their Alternative Source Earning

To conclude you’ll be able to earn easy cash out of your website/s. The greater work you devote, the greater you’ll probably earn. I usually see things in the long run, basically work very difficult for several years, I’ll eventually possess a couple of websites with higher page ranking which happens when I’ll have the ability to benefit from the fruits of my work. In the meantime I’ll treat any earnings as a kind of pocket money.

If only all of you the success in generating money out of your websites and hope this information on how to make additional income has assisted for your way.

5 Second Income Ideas Just Working Part-time Jobs

What are the possibilities to create a second income ideas at home with your personal small online business? Why don’t you, just request some plus million those who are already creating a full-time or second earnings at home. The truth is the amount of people working at home using their own small online business is anticipated to dramatically rise within the next couple of years making the time for you to make the most while you will find still second earnings possibilities available using this type of growth potential.

Second Income Ideas

Best Profitable Second Income Ideas By Working From Home

Listed here are 5 most popular online business jobs as second income jobs. Hint One of these allows you experiment on Facebook. Yeah, really.

  1. Start An Ecommerce Store – This specific small online business for your second source of income chance has existed for some time, but it’s only within the last few years where an average person could really obtain the assistance he must obtain small online business ready to go. Places like Amazon . com have huge Ecommerce affiliate marketers, where they’ll even provide you with your personal web site to promote. Other areas have free programs (in the end you’ll be earning money on their behalf) where all that you should do is choose from the catalog of countless items and merely drag and drop which of them you would like to your new website.

    Many of these programs offer great customer support in case you have any issues. The good thing is that you’re not responsible for the merchandise because it is saved by drop shippers. Your main responsibility gets your website out on the web for individuals to determine. Before very long you may be creating a great second job ideas at home.

  2. What Is Biotechnology Jobs Good For your Career. This The List

  3. Mobile Phone Marketing Affiliate- This really is possibly probably the most fun you could have creating a second earnings at home. Consider you’d an opportunity to travel to 1995 once the internet was still being in the infancy. Affiliate entrepreneurs were drawing up profits just like a vacuum because there is NO competition. Well, that soon transformed and also you be aware of relaxation. Here would be the stats on mobile phone advertising around future time. You’ll achieve 2.5 billion more and more people, pay a tenth from the cost as Adwords along with other similar internet platforms and also have without any competition.

    Seem familiar? I’ve made as much as possible with this particular second earnings chance and that i expect it to consider over because the primary media outlet as more individuals are now utilizing their wise phones to complete the things they i did so on their own laptops. This can be a super wise platform for creating a small online business around and you’ve got the possibility to far exceed another earnings inside a short time.

  4. Social Networking Manager – Enjoy playing around online like Twitter and Facebook? Yes, there’s really employment for you. Consider it. Social networking sites have skyrocketed within the last couple of years departing companies to question who will assist them maintain this busy medium. The truth is most companies know that they’ll significantly improve their main point here, but simply have no idea where you can look since employment like Social Networking Manager only has been published on major project sites.

    Develop a small online business around maintaining companies social networking accounts and you won’t just be compensated $25-$65 an hour or so, but you’ll be considered a hero while you boost sales substantially for the clients. Another secondary income earnings is extremely simple to make like a Social Networking Manager and you’ll have a great time while doing the work.

  5. Jobs Data Entry, One Option Of A Profitable Part-Time Job Working From Home

  6. Application Developer – This second job from home chance requires some investment, but is an excellent niche to begin a little online business around. The company is much more about approaching with suggestions for programs after which getting them designed for you. You will find several trustworthy Application development companies available who’ve solid associations with Facebook and Apple and can really present your intend to these to make certain it’ll really be eco-friendly lit before you decide to spend a cent.

    Your small home based business would focus around marketing your brand-new Application and becoming people or customers to register. To not blow smoke your guess what happens, but it’s correct that some Applications make near to one half a billion dollars since their launch. Bit we’ll be satisfied with another earnings right now.

  7. Flipping websites/domain names Flipping websites and domain names could be put in two separate groups, but the truth is most that do one usually dabble within the other. Flipping websites or domain names is another earnings chance that you could begin immediately with almost totally free. You can purchase websites on the web for around $15-$20 and then sell on it for any substantial profit simply by carrying out some simple marketing tasks and creating a little traffic.

    You will find lots of free methods to build traffic. After you have your website benefiting from traffic then just market it and rack within the profits. For the way much traffic you are able to drive you may make a few 100 % roi. So for any site that you simply upgrade on $20, you are able to reasonably anticipate getting about 5 to 10 occasions that which you compensated with minimal traffic building efforts. Domain flipping is a lot more like the stock exchange where each domain includes a changing value. If you like the marketplace then you’ll have a blast with domain flipping.

So you will find five various ways that you could begin to make another earnings quick. After reading all above 5 second income ideas you’ll have a far better feeling of what you look for to complete to create a second earnings at home.