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Free to download postcard template in any blank design and layout that ready to print o any paper in PDF and Word format

How to Make Your Own Romantic Greeting Card Just in Short Time

Maybe you have a special boyfriend, girlfriend, man or woman now that you care so much. Give them you special attention by making them a beautiful card in their most special time. It is not just in Valentines Day, but also for other occasions like wedding, birthday, their most busy time, etc. Actually you can come t a store that sell wedding postcard template with romantic theme and of course a lot of choices. But you have to know it is not a romantics way to show your attention for your special people. Making your own romantic cards is the answer of this time. And here the tutorial how to make greeting card just in short time. Continue reading

9 Free Chinese New Year Cards Templates for Happy Greeting

When every changing of year from the old to the new year on every time of calendar there are always any celebration on it. Same as in Chinese Lunar new year for this year. Giving wishes through card is a traditional ways in sending message a for happy new year for friend, relatives, colleagues, and others. If you thing buying new year cards is not a unique way, then making your own could be a good choice. And here some Chinese new year cards templates those are free to download. Continue reading

Free Remembrance Day Card Template To Download As Greeting Cards

This is a free printable Remembrance Day card template to download. A greeting card for memorial day in Commonwealth countries to remember who died in the line of duty of war or also known as Poppy Day on 11 November. With this simple free printable template card you can print greeting card completed with your own wording in it.
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Some Most Unique Printable Welcome Greeting Sayings Card Ideas

It’s a unique way when greeting a new neighbor who moved into a new environment by using the printable greeting card. But this card does not just write a welcome or just welcoming environment. But it also provides another kind of thing very interesting and may be necessary by the new residents.
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Free Birthday Card Template for Word Printable – Colorful and Unique Design

The free birthday card template for word printable can be used as birth announcement postcards, happy birthday postcards. It is a flexible function of card for a certain situation. It is designed in 4.25 x 6 inches and decorated with cheerful drawings that show the atmosphere cheerful and happy like a colorful and party hats.
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Free Printable We’ ve Moved Postcard Templates Announcement For Word

Free printable we ve moved postcards template for MS Word in 6 x 8.5 inchs can be used as moving announcements postcards. It is a good way to tell you customers, friends, colleagues that you have moved office, business address, warehouse, store, workshop etc to a new place. It is designed with funny pictures of two old houses and an old flying air plane and colored with black background. It is good to use this as moving invitation template when company wants to hold a ceremony.
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Free Printable Spend Holiday on Beach Postcard Template For Word

It is free beach postcard template in format of Microsoft Word 2007 you can download and print. This printable postcard of beach theme is decorated with coconut tree, sea, sand image and a shining sun picture. It dimension is 6 x 11 inch (6″ x 11″) or 15,25 x 27,94 cm with horizontal layout. This is a simple way to have a your own diy postcard printing for your own use like wedding invitation, thank you card or as business brochure.
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Free Printable Greeting Wedding Post Card Template – Unique for Word

Free wedding postcard template with classic design. This kind of printable postcard is decorated with flower and love heart image, bride and groom’s name written inside. You can download and print at no cost. The postcard wedding invites your guest in simple stationery without envelope. Postcard size is 6 x 9 inch (6″ x 9″) which the front page layout is for pictures and the backside is for inviting guest wording, date, time, place and RSVP.
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