Free Family Tree Template to Make Family Order Can be Traced

Family tree templates can facilitate in making a family tree and ancestors for a genealogy. The process of making the genealogy is sometimes not easy, but also not too difficult. The data collection process is what makes this event quite a hassle. But with the help of templates is expected to help the many parties in tracing his family history.

Family tree templates can be helpful in determining the generation ancestry of a family that will be compiled and the necessary data.

Process Before using Family Tree Templates

Before using the family tree templates. he first step is from yourself by collecting data such as your full name including middle name if any from certificate of birth. Date and place of birth, date and location of the wedding. Information regarding certain religious rituals to be noted. Marital status as single, not married, divorced, widow, widower, married again. Blood relatives such as brothers or sisters is information that can be added.

Then create a network of related individuals associated with consanguinity. Parents, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, wife, son, grandson, cousin, nephew, brother or sister of the father and mother, etc.. From each of these individuals, collect data2 as you do for yourself. If the note had died, record date of death and place of burial.

Create an interconnected network such as branching in the tree for each individual is recorded. For individuals that you have a generation with horizontal branches such as cousins??, younger sisters. While the older as a parent, brother or sister of the parents are a generation above you vertically. Your descendants like children, including the nephew is below you, as well as when there are grandchildren.

Of course all this process takes effort, especially to see the documents that exist. If there is no record or file is left behind, searching directly by asking the brothers are still there had to be done.
Family Tree Template For Finalizing

Making genealogy chart can be done by hand on paper or can also be done with the help of digital tools such as computer software that provides many templates. Many shapes, design, layout and appearance of charts are interesting and can help facilitate your work. Data options can be set according to your needs and you only need to choose an appropriate template and enter the information you have gathered.

If you need to know more specific about collecting data, you can use this guide to make family tree.

All the tool and process can help you in making family tree with template.

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