Free Chinese New Year Card Templates with Horse Logo Background 2014

Welcoming the arrival of a new year can be done by making various kinds of creations that have something to do with the year like happy new year card templates. And this Chinese new year card templates for happy holidays and prosperity area suitable for this situation. Such as the arrival of the Chinese holidays this year is marked by the horse, then make various new year greeting card may be associated with the zodiac horse. The easiest thing there is to give the horse as well as writing in 2014. A lot of which can be made to mark the entry of the new year with the Chinese calendar like to make calendars, writing paper, Chinese happy new year cards, and a variety of other equipment designs that are often used.

Some Chinese New Year Card Templates Free to Download

Chinese Horse Painting New Year
Chinese Painting New Year Card

Chinese Painting New Year Card
Above a Chinese new year greeting card template 2014 in painting mode for a “happy new year” greeting. Decorated with 8 colorful horses from brown, dark brown, black and white with background image of white mountain and gradation red to yellow sun shine.

Horse Vector Chinese New Year
Vector Ilustration Chinese Lunar

Vector Illustration Chinese Lunar
As the Lunar year of Chinese calendar is horse, so this happy new year card templates vector of illustration is suitable for making any printable stationary such as booklet, banner, flyer, pamphlet and other printed document with this vector.

Chinese Horse Logo 2014
Chinese Horse Logo 2014

Chinese Horse Logo 2014
Chinese new year card happy holidays with horse image or logo as background illustration style is other option you can choose for making so many paper documentation or stationaries such as gift box wrapping, new yew cards, etc.

New Year Card Design Vector
Bell Chinese New Year Design

A typical of Chinese theme design and layout that showing red and yellow as background color and firecracker and bells in the center of the Adobe illustrator that you can edit of changing to other style.

Horse 2014 Year Chinese Symbol
Chinese Horse Symbol 2014


A different style as common Chinese design without any red and yellow, but blue gradation color as background and black as silhouette with combination horse and year number of 2014 that look so a lot of meaning. For making so many Chinese new year card prosperity templates.

Chinese New Year Cards for Sending Wishes

Hope you can use these free happy new year card prosperity of  Chinese new year card templates with horse logo background 2014.

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