Easy Funeral Program Template MS Word Classic Frame Border

Below an easy funeral program template with classic frame border on top and bottom corner. This is an editable also obituary program template, so you can customize many elements funeral title, photo, text and some others. The template is in Microsoft Word .doc format with Letter paper size or 11 x 8 inch ( 27,94 x 21,59 cm). White plain color as background in this also memorial program template.

Free Easy Funeral Program Template For Microsoft Word

By using this easy funeral program template for Microsoft Word, customizing the elements such as title, deceased photo, deceased name, date birth and death can be done easily. With a plain white background color you can change the font color with a color other than black.

The funeral program template, also has a feature to change the order of the position of the element. With a uniform background color, then change the position of the element can be changed with ease. You can change the position order of service on a different page than the default template. So also with the position of funeral poem, Obituary, pallbearers and others.

Funeral memorial format template using Letter size paper with landscape position where the length of the paper is in a horizontal position. This paper sheet is divided into two pages, front and back cover. So also with the design of the funeral program on the inside or the content.

Sample Image and Link To Download

Easy Funeral Program Booklet Template Sample

Below the example image :

Easy funeral program template Microsoft Word

Easy Funeral Template Classic Design


Below the link you can use to download the file :



Using free funeral program template MS Word with classic border frame, your task will be so easy and you have the freedom to adjust the layout of each element in the template.

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