Editable Funeral Program Template in MS Word Brown Design

Funeral Program Template in MS Word. Another design of a funeral memorial program for Ms Office. At this moment, the design is in brown background. The program is a customizable template that you can edit all the text and photo element along with the shaped boxes as decoration.

Funeral Program Template in MS Word 2007 and 2010

This funeral program template for Word is created in two cover pages as shown on the sample image. On the page, you can replace the dead person with the deceased name. At photo section, just change the sample with the best deceased photo. On funeral title, you can replace with your own best funeral wording as honor to the loved one.

Other information on such as acknowledgement, funeral service date and location, order for funeral service, Pall Bearers and other element, you can also customize them with the data you have.

If you think you have other preferred color for fonts, text and shaped box, it is a good time for you to put your ideas on this funeral program for Word. You can replace the font style with Arial, Times New Roman or other look. Same as the font size, increasing or decreasing the size is so possible.

You don’t like with the shape and color of the text boxes. Just replace it with your preferred shape. You can open the Shape menu on the Insert tab. There are so many shape you can select, from rectangular, square, circle, arrows and other.

Sample Image

And this is the sample image of the funeral template for Word :

Funeral Program Template in Word

Funeral Program Template in Word

Below you can see which parts of this template that you can edit :


And this is the link to download the template for making funeral memorial program :


How to download :
1. Copy and paste the link above on the browser and click enter.
2. Choose the offer you want to complete
3. Complete the offer instruction
4. Download the template directly to your computer

For other memorial program, visit : http://goo.gl/guk7w4

So don’t forget to review on the last editing before printing the funeral program in MS Word. For more design, you can download them at funeralprogramtemplates.blogspot.com.

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