10 Cutest Animal Masks Templates Black White To Color for Kids

What most activities that are favored by children in addition to imitate the way behave like animals. One way to help in the creative and active while playing, is to make them animal masks with funny face. And below 10 cutest animal mask printable in black and white to color as their wish.

1. Printable Owl To Color

Owl Mask To Color
Our first safari animal mask is owl. Kids must love to see the bird of owl which has a unique face unlike other birds. This black and white pf owl templates to color is good to courage kids to give color as they want. And at the end, they wear this mask on any event such Halloween, birthday or school activities.

2. Funny Hippopotamus Face Mask Template

Another cute animal that most kid love is Hippopotamus. A likely amphibious animal with fat body, big teeth, big nose round just like a dumb animal. Kids will laugh if they can give funny color to this hippo head template. Giving a polka dot like a combination of red and yellow is very unique, just like a circus animal.

3. Rabbit Face Mask Template

This could be the most animal kids want to see. Anytime they see rabbit, of course they want to touch, feed or taking care of them. Having a colorful bunny rabbit head template as their creation, can make them very happy to play with it.

4. Bear Face Template to Colour

The most popular animal’s name that kids remember with initial name of Teddy. After having the bear doll, then creating their own colored bear face template is a fun thing for them. Let them give any color on the animal picture as their exercise how to colorize the image.

5. Elephant Face Mask Template to Print

With its big fatty body, elephant is the animal that easily distinguished by children. Boy or girl in play group of even younger, like to see elephant cause their funny face with big ear and their trunk. This elephant mask template black white is an easy media to teach your children to play their toy of mask.

6. Lion Mask Face Printable

One of the wild animals that are easily recognized by children, because as the king of the jungle. With a thick fur around the neck to make it look powerful and easily liked by children to be given a beautiful color.


7. Duck – Cute Animal Mask Template

Furry animal that has a funny shape, which is sometimes difficult mentioned by the children of the baby. But it would be easy to remember because her voice is adorable. Face masks printed ducks can broaden the children of the names and shapes of animals in the wild.

8. Wolf – Mask Template

Maybe kids only know this kind of animal as dog. but when they try to make its mask, they will learn if this animal is a wolf. With a unique face because of its fur, making this cute animal mask template to be a favorite one for kids.

9. Giraffe Black White Mask Template

It face looks like a cow, but with a unique antenna on his head, this animal is sometimes difficult to guess its name. Explaining the names of animals that have very long legs and high through pictures, can help them to better recognize when making face masks giraffe.

10. Pig Face Mask To Print

With a shape a fat, round and a big nose, make a pig face masks can make children happy. Because they are also able to follow the movement and sound of a pig that looks funny.


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