Steps How to Make a Masquerade Mask from Scratch with Template

Create your own masks to be included in events like festivals, carnivals, celebrations or parties, must be very pleasant. Like a masquerade mask that always has a unique look, accompanied by a festive color. If you are interested to be able to make it. This is what you should look to know how to make a masquerade mask from scratch in order to succeed with good.

Steps to Make Masquerade Mask from Scratch

What Masquerade Mask

Masquerade mask from carnival celebrations in the city of Venice Italy. Where the celebration aims to celebrate the capture of the city known as the invaders Ulrich II. At the time of the celebration, the Catholic Church encouraged the participants to use the mask.

Making Masquerade Mask from Scratch

Makes a great mask for festival, carnival or also like masquerade party, at least have to pass through several stages that should not be missed. Because of mistake in making the mask or the final result of the mask that is not satisfying, you will make it uncomfortable to wear.

Knowing the Design Ideas and Final Result

The first important stage is to consider the design of the mask that you create. You can imagine the end result of the mask you want. If you can not imagine what a nice mask to be made, you can search for references or pictures mask ever. Books, magazines can be a place for you to be a mask that will be created. And the internet is a great place to get ideas masquerade masks, interesting and up to date.

Planning the Mask Making Process

The next step is to know the process of making masquerade masks. By knowing how to manufacture, then you can determine the necessary materials and also equipment needed. In addition, knowing the stages of the manufacturing process can help you to determine the time required to make such masquerade mask on Mardi Gras.

If you are using a masquerade mask template, templates usually comes with instructions how to make it. However, when the mask-making procedures is not included you can guess yourself.

Right Material Choosing

Mask-making materials is an important factor that you should not ignore. Mistakes in material you select a masquerade mask makers, can make the final result is not as expected. To make a masquerade mask is usually used some sort of thick paper cardboard paper. This paper is used so that the paper can give a perfect shape mask. Other materials that can be used to make a masquerade mask is using tulle or sheer fabric material. Tulle fabric can be used for various uses mainly result the sewing process. One of its uses is to provide a floating effect on fabric. Other materials that can be used is to use a type of plaster or wax that is placed on the face to create a pattern that fit the contours of the face.

Tools to Use

Once the material has been chosen, you can find out the equipment needed to start the process. Scissors or other cutting tool, a ruler to measure the right place, pencils or markers to create patterns.

Coloring Process

Masquerade ball usually festive and elegant color added on the outside. So you also need tools that match the color of the material used. The dye does not match those of the mask material, can make the color fade easily or can not show the original color.

Embellishment Process

Do not forget to add decoration to your mask. Feathers, beads and other embellishments are needed, there should be prepared before so you do not forget to do it. Other materials such as sequins, sparkles or glitter or whatever your creative ideas can come up with are also possible. Make sure the mask stage embellishment process, so ornament can be attached to the mask properly and not easily damaged.

Making Mask Process Video

This is an example on making mask that actually is not related with masquerade mask, but you can get the ideas and steps to make it.

Those all the process you need to know how to make masquerade mask from the scratch and take part in carnival.

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