Rebuild And Reposting Old Blog

Actually this blog has been alive since march 2008 and had manys articles in it. For the first designing the layout of this blog was done to make a solid structure and readability composition.  And then posting some articles was done ton convey my vision, opinion and sharing tips.

But unfortunately since November 2008, I could not add the articles and sharing my opinion because the server where I host this blog was attacked by some viruses that I didn’t really know what it is.  And worse I lost a lot of my articles and the design which stored in database. I was not a savvy in using wordpress moreover in doing a back up the database. But then since this new year 2009, the server had been fixed and I can post new articles again.

So I have to rebuild and repost new articles and doing aything else I like in this blog. For you who had comment or making link with this blog, I apologize for the situation that I could not handle.

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