Free Promotional Gift Superstore with Template As Starting Business Ideas

Promotional gift superstore can be the starting point as an idea for your business in helping other companies or parties to promote their business product or service. Since many corporates need to  explore their resources to have more attention from their prospects and customer in order to make more profit and promotion is the answer for that situation and gifts can help the promotion works well. Continue reading

An Immigrant Succeed Running Business In America

While I was writing Tips How To Write Business Article For Beginner, I watched a program on television which an interviewing between a woman an man with chinese ethnic. It was only a recorded program. At first I didn’t understand what they were talking about, it seem just a common talking or just a talking about an immigrant who live in America.

By sharing concentration on getting ideas, typing words and watching television I finally understood what subject they were talking about. It was talking about an immigrant from Vietnam who succeed running business in America. The business was built from a very small business and growing to be a big company. Continue reading

Tips : How To Start Writing Content For Business Using Article Template

Writing content is an important action you have to do to show your business expertise to your prospects and customers. And it is also making your blog or site has value for visitor or even seller. Without content your customers don’t want to visit because there is anything they can get from it. Also without content your blog can not be indexed by search engine such Google, Yahoo and the rest or it will no get good position on SERP. And make a clear hierarchy in writing, sometime people can not set from the small part to a bigger one. So some assistance is needed with writing article template that give you an outline to make a clear post. Continue reading

List of Free Business Blogger Elegant Templates with 2 and 3 Columns

If you have a blog at Blogger that its purpose as business tool, it is better to have it with business style which represent by its design or layout. That factor is one reason why your visitors want to come back to your blog or website.

Other reason why you have to choose a design which suitable with your theme especially in business, to make your brand has value and easy to remember. It is similar with photography website template. Continue reading

How To Create A Blog At Blogger Free Service

If you have subject as your main content and keep selecting a free blog as your first tool in generating income from internet rather than on paid hosting, it doesn’t matter. At this time I will tell you  how to create a blog at free blog service Blogger owned by Google.

Why Blogger, not others? Because blogger is easy to setup especially by them who doesn’t have enough skills in HTML. All you have to do just click and click, that is so simple. Here the step to create blog at free blog service blogger. Continue reading

Why Is It Better A Paid Hosting Than Free?

After deciding what subject you want to take as your main blog theme, it is time to create blog as the tool to make money from internet. You can choose to make a blog on a paid domain and paid hosting or on free hosting and subdomain.

For this time I suggest you to use the paid domain and paid hosting. A lot of benefits using the paid domain: Continue reading

Why Visitors Should Visit Your Blog?

Making money from blog is really possible and proven that can earn money and profit. Many people around the world creates blog and as a starting business in a simple way and taking it as their living. Having a nice blog is one aspect to make you earn big income.

What nice blog is? Nice blog in this term means your blog have plenty of visitors. Visitor is the key to make a big income for you. The visitor can click the ads on your blog, which each click has its specific price. More clicks is more money for you. More visitors mean more impressions for your blog. It is also a big chance that your affiliate product, affiliate service or your own product to be seen by visitors and attract them to buy from you. Continue reading

9 Income Sources To Make Money From Blog

A simple way to start business is by making money from blog and can be done just from home as an online business. There are many people around the world has shown the profit just from their site or blog. Many of them choose the blog as their main tool in generating money and making it for their living.

it is a great idea to follow their step in making money from blog and running a business just from home. But before going to the next step, you have to know what source of income in internet can be taken Continue reading

How To Start Businesses In Simple Way

Most people often think that there is nothing simple way to start businesses. This kind of process require many sort of thing to be prepared. Money, tools and other things are some kind of those above. Thus this situation making them spend a lot of time and money just for preparation without any income. Since then, the risk of the business becomes high because nothing income at all. Making certificate template or yearbook layout design could be the one you can plan.

The principle of business that small attempt for big profit should be taken in every business. Business planning is important but should be done just in simple way, short time and precise. Moreover in this economy downturn, many people has lost their job and don’t have any income. A simple way starting business by spending less for both time and money is critical before thinking how big profit can get from the business. Continue reading

Rebuild And Reposting Old Blog

Actually this blog has been alive since march 2008 and had manys articles in it. For the first designing the layout of this blog was done to make a solid structure and readability composition.  And then posting some articles was done ton convey my vision, opinion and sharing tips.

But unfortunately since November 2008, I could not add the articles and sharing my opinion because the server where I host this blog was attacked by some viruses that I didn’t really know what it is.  And worse I lost a lot of my articles and the design which stored in database. I was not a savvy in using wordpress moreover in doing a back up the database. But then since this new year 2009, the server had been fixed and I can post new articles again.

So I have to rebuild and repost new articles and doing aything else I like in this blog. For you who had comment or making link with this blog, I apologize for the situation that I could not handle.