Free Printable Spend Holiday on Beach Postcard Template For Word

It is free beach postcard template in format of Microsoft Word 2007 you can download and print. This printable postcard of beach theme is decorated with coconut tree, sea, sand image and a shining sun picture. It dimension is 6 x 11 inch (6″ x 11″) or 15,25 x 27,94 cm with horizontal layout. This is a simple way to have a your own diy postcard printing for your own use like wedding invitation, thank you card or as business brochure.

Customize Beach Postcard Template

Actually it is a customizable beach postcard printing. The changeable part are postcard size from horizontal to vertical, fonts , image design, colors and more. You can put your own photo when you make sand castle. It is just the basic postcard. If you mean to convert layout to vertical, make an adjustment with backside postcard where the mailing address available. It is simple how to make a changing on it just click and do it.

Beach Postcard Template Sample

Printable custom postcards templates with nature view like beach, coast, sea and sand are good to raise one’s spirit or just as greeting cards. Here the beach postcard example :

Beach Postcard Template Image
Beach Postcard Example

You can download beach postcard template for free and print on your own paper.[/sociallocker]

Hope you can use this free printable holiday on beach postcard template.

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