How to Make Your Own Romantic Greeting Card Just in Short Time

Maybe you have a special boyfriend, girlfriend, man or woman now that you care so much. Give them you special attention by making them a beautiful card in their most special time. It is not just in Valentines Day, but also for other occasions like wedding, birthday, their most busy time, etc. Actually you can come t a store that sell wedding postcard template with romantic theme and of course a lot of choices. But you have to know it is not a romantics way to show your attention for your special people. Making your own romantic cards is the answer of this time. And here the tutorial how to make greeting card just in short time.

Making Romantics Greeting Card

Giving attention such as say thanks with this thank you card template is a good idea to show how you care about someone.

It is often happen that we want to have a unique Christmas card template for greeting with different style that available at store or anywhere. The card we have is really our own creation with personal touch, message, picture, etc. But having all the required greeting card is almost impossible if we don’t make it on our own or order on a professional card maker. Buying greeting card from a personalized card seller is not cheap. So the option is we have to make our own card. Below the steps in making greeting card in short time using templates.

How to Make Greeting Card in Simple Way

Making greeting card is actually so simple. There are so many methods available that easy to follow. One of them is using Microsoft Word software. Who doesn’t know this software? It is the easiest text editor software to operate and almost people that use computer around the world uses this word processor.

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Steps to Make Greeting Card

Make sure you have installed Microsoft Word software in your computer, without this program you can not continue this tutorial. And the other thing if having template that will be shown below. Here the step to make greeting card :

  1. Open new file in Microsoft Word.
  2. Set the paper size. Choose the appropriate paper size that you look fine for finished greeting card. Below some greeting card size that looks good to follow :
    • 83mm x 90mm
    • 166mm x 90mm
    • 91mm x 110mm
    • 182mm x 110mm
    • 216mm x 90mm
    • 91mm x 166mm (close)
    • 83mm x 182mm (close)
    • 111mm x 182mm (close)
    • 139mm x 182mm (close)
  3. Find the right layout. This is a crucial step if yo want to have the most beautiful design and layout for your greeting card. Greeting cards are made in different layout to make it awesome. There two folds, three fold even tfour folds to make it unique. Choose the right one you like.
  4. Consider the right side for placing text, image, front side and back side.
  5. Make header as your main theme. Place the header word and image on the right side. It is usually place the header on the front side. But it is not a must.
  6. Write the touching words inside your card. If you thing it is hard to find what word suitable for you greeting card, search in internet that you can copy one.
  7. Put the right beautiful images. Choosing your photo when together with recipient is a good idea.
  8. Adding decoration inside card such as border, artword, etc
  9. Check all the design to make sure everything is completed and in all place.
  10. Print it on an paper that suitable for card.
  11. Adding ribbon to the printed card.
  12. Making a beautiful envelop if you think it is necessary.

Those all the process in making your own romantics greeting card in short time.

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