Free Personalized Thank You Card Template Printable For Word

It is a free thank you card template for Word you can download and use at no cost. The format is in Microsoft Word 2007 with postcard size 4 x 9 inch. These cards size are known as “Rack Cards”, “RIP Cards”, and “Push Cards”. A lot of purpose can be done with this kind of thank you card messages such as for business postcard, wedding invitation postcard. Hopefully with this printable method you can make the cheap postcard on you own creation.

Thank You Card Template Purpose

Some function of this 4″ x 9″ size card templates can be done such as :

Thank You Postcard Template For Business

This thank you card wording cards template can be used for business as postcard marketing that keeping a relationship with customers. The postcard design can be customized by inserting new related products in front side or backside using MS Word. Then you can try to print it on a paper that will give a good printing result. It is a kind like of business cards with complicated information.

Thank You Postcard Template For Wedding Invitation

Beside for business, wedding also the object of this thank you Microsoft card template. You can use these free templates to give an appreciation for guests who has spent their time to attend the wedding ceremony, party or reception.

Customize Postcard Templates

Actually you can customize the MS Word postcard templates designsby changing the texts, images, colors, postcard size, dimension, layout, design and its composition. You can replace “thank you” to be “thankyou” wording. Just open it in Word 2007 then you can edit using word art, clip art, photo, picture or anything you like that you can search in internet. Last postcard printing it on a card stock with the appropriate thickness. The paper you use should suit to USPS regulation specifically about the mailing address, barcode and paper thickness.

Thank You Postcard Template Pic
Thank You Postcard Sample Image

You can download the template.

With this printable thank you card template for word, you can cut price lower than you buy.

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