Free War PowerPoint Template with Soldier Background Image

A Free War PowerPoint Template with a soldier image in the background during the fighting in the battlefield. This free military ppt template comes with dark black color as the main background and an explosion image behind the combatant.

Free War PPT Layout and Design

In the cover page of PowerPoint slideshow, you have a brave commander in his camouflage green uniform with his weapon, rifle, gun and other war equipment such helmet, eyeglass, bullet proofed protector, magazine, glove, knee and elbow guard.

Free War PPT Template Download

The image of this war presentation template looks so patriotic, heroic and proudly image. Themes picture on the front page is perfect answers for the question, What free PowerPoint templates are suitable for war theme?

On the inside page, you have ppt that is a bit similar theme with the cover page. There is a picture of a soldier with guns and ready for combat. But the image of a soldier is smaller than the front page. Figure combatant is located on the lower left corner, which is part of the decoration of the page.

What is Free PPT that good for the topic of war or military?

Free Presentation template good for war of military topic is war PPT. By using these free templates, then you will have the layout and design of PowerPoint that matches the theme of the war simulation exercise in the armed forces or the military.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to further explore this military PowerPoint design by adding a picture or an animated battle accordance with details of the topics that you submit, such as leadership, management troop, motivation training, and more.

Watch the video below how the life of soldier in war zone. Hope this video can inspire your in editing this PowerPoint template to be a heroic slideshow :

And you can download this free war PowerPoint templates easily and use it as often as you need without having to give credit to us.

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