How To Insert Images For Powerpoint Background Template with Funny Pics

Maybe you are confused how to insert images background into PowerPoint files for your slide show presentation. Here tips you can follow to put pics or photos for PowerPoint templates specifically in Microsoft Office 2007. Photos about traveling, business, scenery or anything else in PNG, JPG, BMP format are good to be inserted as background in a MS Office PowerPoint files or in its templates.

PowerPoint Template Background Image

Presenting something like in business can be a boring session when the slideshow or presentation material is just plain. You need to add something to the file to make it attractive. Image can be a good idea to make the audience spend their concentration on the object.

How To Insert Image to PowerPoint Background Template

    1. On the opened file, click tab Design
    2. Click Background tab on the right side (following the mouse)

    1. In opened new tab open, click Picture or texture fill
    2. Click File (following the cursor)

    1. Choose the image you want to insert, click Open
    2. Click Close (following the mouse)

Then you will have a new background images for your Office PowerPoint in your templates. Hope this article is useful on how to insert image to PowerPoint Template.

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