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10+ Best Free Restaurant Menu Templates in PSD, Ai Format

Today we want to share with you Free Restaurant Menu Templates. This is one of so many other collection of Free Menu Templates that available for different purpose that can help you in designing your own food and drink list for restaurant visitor to read and order.

What is Menu

Food menu is a list of foods and beverages that can be eaten and drunk. Usually you can find the menu in the restaurant which aims to provide information for visitors about meals that are available and can be ordered by them. The menu also tells what price of each food and drink to let the visitors know how much money they should pay.

How to Make a Menu

Actually making a menu can be done in several ways that adjusted with the theme of the restaurants, coffee shop, fast food, catering, cafe or bar business that you run. The easiest and simplest way in menu making is using handwriting on certain media, such as paper or board. Or you can also use computers with specific software.

menu template


Handwriting menu for listing restaurant cooking is better on chalkboard. Although you can use other media such as paper, cardboard, etc. Then the board will be displayed at one of the walls in the eating house you manage, so visitors can find out all the foods and beverages you serve. You can write the menu on the board using chalk, markers, crayons or paint. The results of the writing would be very natural with the character of human handwriting


If you choose computer for designing menu for eatery with certain software, then it can print out on paper or banner media. You can shape the paper printed menu into brochure, book menu, leaflet or pamphlet. Menu for food on book format is suitable to show to visitor when they will order the menu. One page menu format such as brochure can be shared to people who pass by your fast food shop. The visitors can open each page of the list first before they order the meal or keeping it as promotional tool.

When printing menu on a banner, then it will be displayed on the wall. So visitor can see the food photo, name and its price while they are on the ordering line.

Online digital tools can help in making food menu for your restaurant. There are some menu makers online in internet for designing your menu., are some websites that offer service for menu design, layout and printing.

But if you choose to create a restaurant menu on your own, there are some software that can help you in making the menu. There are :

  • Microsoft Word. Although its primary function as a word processor, but the software is also very powerful to create a food menu with a simple design.
  • Microsoft Publisher. The software aims to make publication sheet and is suitable for making menu.
  • Corel Draw. Image processing software, which certainly suited to create drawings and writings design on the menu.
  • Adobe Photosop. Creating a visual image that is very strong and highly recommended in menu creation.
  • Adobe Indesign. Designing and formatting a menu for the restaurant is part of this tool’s job that also worth to consider.
  • Adobe Illustrator. Creating vector images and text for the menu can be made easy with this tool.

Steps To Create Menu

Here is the basic steps of creating menu for restaurant, whatever software you use, the steps will not be much different.

  1. First of all, you must have ideas for design, layout an format of your menus.
  2. You can make scratch on paper to make a clear picture of your finish menu.
  3. Transferring your ideas into computer by open a new file.
  4. You need to make the layout first by dividing the sheet in several table as your menu format ideas. Each table has its function such as for header, food list, drink list, price, etc.
  5. Fill in on each table with the list. Eg, type the list of dishes with its price, same on drink section.
  6. Put image or photo as food or drink sample in order visitor know the look of each meal they will order. Image can attract visitor to order more and more.
  7. Print your own menu design on paper you want.
  8. You can save the file into a template format if you need to make the same menu design.

What is Menu Template?

Menu template is an editable pre-design document that is ready to print as a food, drink or meal menu. You just need to customize the file to make it match with the theme of your restaurant. Template is a kind of menu creator that can help you in listing the cooking of your cafe, fast food or bar without designing from scratch.

How to create menu without spending much money? Creating menu with template can save you a lot by spending less cost, less time and energy. And below some free menu design templates printable to download.

List of Menu Template

Below the template for making food and drink menu in your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, canteen, or other eatery that you can download for fee and editing the file as the design you wish.

Free Restaurant Design Menu Template

Free Restaurant Menut and Cover Template
Free menu templates for restaurants or other businesses that serve a variety of foods and beverages such as cafes, coffee shops, bars and more. This menu design for restaurant which created using Adobe Photoshop software in PSD file format is very easy to be edited and customized with your own ideas. You can change the type and font size. Or change the background color that seems to fit the theme of your eating home. You can add your logo in the header menu with a very easy way. Even to add a picture menu of food and drinks that you serve can be done in a simple way. The end result is that you will have a creative restaurant menu design. This template using A5 size paper (14.8 x 21 cm) with an image resolution of 266 dpi.

Free Cover for Menu Restaurant

Menur Cover
Food menu is not just about the sheet and the page that contains the name of the food, pictures or photos and price list. But also keep in mind how the display a list of menu without forgetting the cover page of the menu. Yes, the cover page can help increase the value and appropriateness of a list of foods in a place that sells food. Visitors become interested in coming back to your food business because of neatness and thoroughness that you show in addition to the enjoyment of food and drink that you sell.

Free Menu Template Illustrator

Free Illustrator Menu Template

As mentioned above that one way of making food for the restaurant menu is to use the software Adobe Illustrator. The combination images of tomatoes, yellow and green paprika, celery that represent the ingredient of cooking. If you serve made by order dishes or even a fast food, this template is suitable for you.

Free Dinner Menu Template

Dark Background Dinner Menu Design
If you run a restaurant that serve dinner dishes, this free menu template is good for you. With dark background color and red and white in frame border is suitable for menu ideas that sell red lobster, salmon, seafood, steak, lamb, turkey accompanied by a price list. You can also offer for beverages and dessert on the same page. The file is available in Adobe Illustrator format or Ai.

Food Menu Ai Template

Adobe Illustrator Menu Format
Another design of a menu template that uses Ai format or can be edited using Adobe Illustrator software. This food menu has outer boundary design with the vintage theme. If your food business location have the classic theme, with brown tone color, this menu has similarity with yours. This is also suitable for dinner menu format, cocktail, and related to it. It only shows blank food and drink list, you can replace the default text with your own.

Free Vertical Restaurant Menu Template

Vertical Format Menu Design
A vertical menu design that fits for bar and grill restaurant or others. A combination of red, white and black color and decoration of spoon and fork on the header side. On the category menu the banner is used as background. You can put your own logo on the cover also other information such as address, contact number, social media, etc. An editable template for menu that can be customized on Adobe Illustrator with file format Ai vector.

Free Tri-Fold Wine Menu Template

Wine Menu List Template
A beautiful design of a weine menu template you can download for free and edit for your need. A trifold menu template for wine restaurant with attractive and elegant color combination with a bottle and glass of wine on the front page. On the other side there is a cluster of purple grape that looks so tasty. A dinner wine restaurant or just a wineshop is very suitable to use this template because the menu design represents the business.

Fast Food Menu Design Templates

fastfood menu template
Displaying photo, name and the price of the meal you serve on your fast food restaurant
on the menu is a must. This is done in order you visitor know what you sell and what they want to order. Showing the name and image of hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, pitas, french fries, chicken nuggets, soft drink, ice cream, onion rings, , fish and chips, fried chicken, french fries, tacos, chili, mashed potatoes, and salads can help the visitor to know the look of served food. They can order it to take out or for takeaway. The file is in PSD format or you can edit in Adobe Photoshop.

Black And White Menu Template

Black White Design Menu Template
Simplicity is one of the options in designing an eating house, including food menu format. A menu design with simple color of black and white will not reduce the value of your food business. With dark background and white text, this black and white restaurant menu template look so nice and become a particular attention from visitors.

Free PSD Cupcake Menu Template

Cupcake Shop Menu Template
How to make menu for cake shop? What is bakery menu ideas for cake shop? Here it is a menu list especially just for cupcake product. If you are running a bakery shop or cake shop, this template of course you must have. You can add various cupcake photos that looks delicious, its name and price. The file is in PSD format with resolution 300 dpi and you can edit in Adobe Photoshop software. The paper size use is A4 and full layer PSD that can help you in customizing it easily.

Easter Menu Template in PSD and Ai

Easter Brunch Lunch Menu Template
If you have a restaurant that organized the event for certain celebrations such as Easter celebrations and offering a brunch or lunch menu, then you need to consider to have this template for menu. Easter feast is a good opportunity to be able to present the best service by offering your best cooking. Adding your own restaurant logo, name, address on the front cover and put your special offer for meal on the menu is so easy. Don’t forget to include your bunny cake and decorated Easter egg.

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