Unique Blank Menu Templates In Black And White Design

Here are some food menu templates with unique design in black and white color for restaurant, bar, wedding, catering, dinner, lunch or any occasion such as Christmas, Thanksgiving etc. You can find, see and download to use for your need. By printing the file and adding some food or drink list inside the template, you will have you own menu for you business.

Having a menu in black white color combination that contains the name of the food and drink and is accompanied by an image is very important especially when running a restaurant business. However, the list of food and drink is not only needed in the restaurant only, but there are some activities that require a sheet or book containing the types of menus. Among them is a bar, wedding reception, catering and others who make the menu, as a means of easier for guests to choose the food they want

Create your own menu could be an option for those who need a list of menus. Lots of menu templates that can be obtained on the Internet by downloading. Pick a template file that corresponds to the software you use to edit the menu list. There are several options how to create a menu list using Corel, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe, Microsoft Word and other.

Then you just need to fill up with a list of foods and drinks that you have into it. Image or picture that represents the name of the food can add better design into the list menus. Finally you can add other important information to the list such as a business or restaurant name, address, contact number, email or website as well. So you will have a list of foods and beverages with the design of two colors black and white complete with important information in the restaurant business.

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Black White Menu Template for Word

  1. Romantic Menu | A blank menu template with black line and some decorative flower, garden, for a romantic event like wedding, Valentine, New Year, etc.Romantic Menu Design Template b/w
  2. Menu in Engagement Invitation | Having reception in engagement invitation is a good idea, and making food menu with beautiful design is a must.
    Menu Design Template for Engagement Invitation
  3. Wedding Reply Menu | When you send wedding invitation that includes wedding reply inside. You can put together the text format for ordering food on the wedding with chalkboard design.Menu Template for Wedding Reply Cards with Chalkboard Design
  4. Menu for a Wedding Sea Theme | Inviting guests to a wedding with awesome invitation card that includes list of menu of food and drink service order.
    Chalkboard Design Menu for a Wedding Sea Theme
    Chalkboard Effect with food and beverage lists in a Wedding Sea Card Theme
  5. Wedding Celebration with Menu List | If you want to make such a wedding announcement or invitation with list of menu with food and beverage to serve.
    Food Menu Template for Wedding Announcement and Invitation
    Food Menu Template for Wedding Announcement and Invitation
  6. Menu with Old style Wedding Design | Other unique wedding card with menu template in old style design to show the order of meal to serve.
    Old Style Wedding Card with Food and Drink to Serve Order
    Old Style Wedding Card with Food and Drink to Serve Order
  7. White Background Black Glitter. A good tool for promoting meal from your cafe to your customers with white color as background and black color as font with glitter.

    Cafe promotional tool for displaying list of meal
    Cafe promotional tool for displaying list of meal

  8. Flower Background for Meals. Displaying cake, ice cream or bread menu can use book or paper that is decorated with flower as background image.
    Flower Menu Design Image
    Menu card with Orchard flower as image background
  9. Modern Design with Funky Font | A good looking design and layout of a menu that suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Modern Menu Template image
    Modern Style and Layout Menu Template Design

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