How To Write Resume For Beginner And Entry Level – Template Sample

After graduation, now it is the right time to make resume for getting the first entry level job. But without any experience at all in making resumes, most of you find it is difficult to get all the task done well. Here we will tell you how to make a resume for beginners with sample and template to download.

What Is Resume?

Resume is an important document that is used by people to present related backgrounds and skills for on certain purpose. Most often, a resume is made by people who are seeking employment. Where the attached resume along with a cover letter along with Curriculum Vitae.

Resume was made not by way carelessly. There are certain procedures and resume format in order to make a good composition and layout. It aims to show the characteristics of a person’s professionalism shown of how a resume created. That’s why creating a resume should be done in a careful manner.

Then how to make a resume for a new graduate school and have no experience at all? It was easy, you can follow how the composition and layout of a resume for beginners, as shown below.

Tips Writing Resume For Beginner And Entry Level Job Seekers

Resume For Beginners Sample and Template

Sample Resume for Beginners and Entry Level Job Seekers

When making resume, it is important to compose your resume just in one page. When typing words, it is better to choose a classic font such as Arial with size 11. For paper choose, white color paper is a must. And A4 paper size is what you write the resume on it.


For a more enjoyable reading, put dates on the left (month + year) and the text on the right. Head, if possible, indicate clearly the title of the position you apply for. As example, write “Human Resource Department Assistant”.

Later, create resume that divide into five sections as below :

1. Marital Status
Top left, fill in your details: Name First Name (Name in capital letters), age, address, telephone and email contact information.

Please provide a valid email address, not fanciful, consisting of your first and last name. Stand on the lookout: check it every day and record a new outgoing message on your phone.

2. Explain Courses And Training
Obviously, you do not have professional experience at all and this is the resume for the first job. But the knowledge that you study detailing that knows you. For the recruiter, however, is a little more distant. The advantage for students is that they have fresh theoretical knowledge, so they should bring them forward, and put it on your resume in detail.

For each degree, indicate the year left, then right, the title of the diploma, the name of the hotel and the city. Present your training in chronological order. First select what you are doing now, and then, below the previous degrees, year by year.

3. List of Skills
You can create several paragraphs:

– Languages.
– IT (quoting the controlled software);
– Driver’s license.
– First aid.

4. Organization Experiences
The world of business you are still abroad, but that is not why you have not started to develop the qualities needed to move it. Invest in an association is particularly well seen by employers. You will have developed skills that you do not even suspect. Explain your professional experiences. List all internships, summer jobs, associative experience under your belt with the date and description of what you did there.

June-July 2014, selling fruit and vegetables on the market
– Establishment and reassortment of the goods
– Sale and cashing

Include also volunteering if you have any. For example, “Treasurer of the football club, shopping for the elderly, food distribution to the heart Eating”.

5. Interests And Hobbies
This somewhat vague title covers culture, leisure, sport. Warning: do not mention the TV or out with friends. Complete this section only if you have regular activities you can speak maintenance.

Be as specific as possible: say what sport you practice, if you do it in the club, if you have a level of competition. This can make a difference with another candidate.

Below document is an beginner resume template that is very important in helping you in writing job resumes. The file provides blank form to fill in with your backgrounds and skills data as explained above.

Copy the link or url above and paste it on your browser. Follow the instructions to download.

Those all the most important lists you should put into your resume as beginners. Other useful information can be included, as a material consideration that the company should know about yourself.

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