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The Best Fonts for Resume Stands Out in Job Application CV

Best fonts for writing in resume

Choosing and using the best fonts for resume is is one aspect on how to write a good resume. And it is always important to make sure the hiring manager reads the resume of yours. After all, remember that the hiring manager is not going to read all resume and curriculum vitae from beginning to end for every applicant. With the best fonts for resume and cover letters, yours will stand out easily among the others so the chance for yours to be read is bigger.

List The Best Fonts for Resume In Curriculum Vitae

Below some best resume fonts you can use for writing resume and CV for job application.

  1. CalibriCalibri Font For Resume
    Are you too lazy to change the font type? Then you can simply stick to Microsoft Word’s default font, Calibri. This best font style to use for resume is safe and universally readable. The best font size for resume with Calibri is 12-point if you want a perfectly sized 2-page resume of 550-750 words. Download.
  2. Times New RomanTimes New Roman For Job Application ResumeWhile TNR can always easily remind you of your high-school and college papers, especially if you’re a younger job seeker, this remains as a universal font type popular as one among the best fonts for resume. However, it’s overused and may be perceived as unimaginative and boring.
  3. GaramondGaramond Font to Use in CVThis old-style font is timeless that evokes a sense of delicacy and fluidity with a simple but elegant look that appears polished either in print or on screen. SO if you wonder what is best font for professional resume, choose this one. Download.
  4. GeorgiaGerogia Font It’s one of the best fonts for resume as an alternative to the overused Times New Roman with the same traditional look. Georgia is also known for its readability on screens. Besides, this font type is widely available on any computer! Download.
  5. Trebuchet MSTrebuchet MS as good font in resumeThis font type is one of the sans-serif typefaces except Verdana or Arial. Many experts recommend this font option as good fonts for resume writing since it makes an excellent choice if you want your resume to set apart from other candidates’. In general, Trebuchet MS has a slightly unusual look but without being too strange which may end up turning off your potential employers. Download.
  6. ArialArial fontsJust like Times New Roman, Arial is one of the most frequently used and one of the best fonts for resume. Many hiring managers like to see this font due to Arial’s clean lines and readability. However, being the popular fonts for resume has its own drawback too—many managers also find Arial unsophisticated and banal. Download.

If you use free resume template with other fonts style, you can change it easily through word processor program. Aside from them, you can also try Bodoni MT, Cambria, Bell MT, Bookman Old Style, or Goudy Old Style for Serif typeface; or get good font for resume title with Century Gothic, Lucida Sans, Verdana, Tahoma, or Gill Sans MT for sans-serif typeface when you’re looking for the best fonts for resume to use in yours.