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How write hobby and interest in resume

Several Tips on How to Write Hobbies and Interests on Resume

It is a fault if you think that all resumes are alike because there is a point where you can showcase your own personality. It will be about hobbies and interests. You may have different hobbies and interests with the other applicants and this is your strategic opportunity to show who you really are. There are some tips about how to write hobbies and interests on resume. Check them out!

How write hobby and interest in resume

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Brief Examples of Hobbies and Interests for Job Application

The first tip on how to write hobbies and interests on resume is about creating the right format of your resume. There are some points that you want to include, such as education, experience, skills, awards and the hobbies. Keep them in the right positions to show the priority. You need to prioritize your individual activities. You better list them chronologically or from the most impressive to the least impressive.

The next tip on how to write hobbies and interests on resume format is that you need to understand that resume is a top down document. This means that you need to drive the reader from the most to the least important. Lead the reader to know the most important part of you. Sometimes, hobbies and interests are important to add. They should be presented toward the end of the resume. Yes, you should end with it. Don’t lead with it! It is because hobbies and interests are less important than the education, experience, and so on. This tip is applied for most hobbies and interests resume sample.

The next tip on how to write hobbies and interests on resume is using appropriate terminology. You may have some sports hobbies such as chess or tennis and some other hobbies. It is also better for you to not entitle “hobbies”. You better have the title “activities” or alternatively “extracurricular activities”. Then, you need also to choose the format style for the listed sections. Keep in mind that you need to have all the detailed lists formatted in the same way. The “activities” should have the same format with the “education” and “work experience”. It will show your consistency.

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Another tip on how to write hobbies and interests on resume and also the other parts of the resume are to include your plan of what you are going to do to the company. You should demonstrate well what is in your mind. The activities section is the best part for this demonstration. Present a good array of activities to demonstrate and engaged and curious mind. Be aware of “the more well-rounded, the more appealing you will look”.

The last tip on how to write hobbies and interests on resume as presented on most resume hobbies and interests examples is the use of language. Carefully choose the language because it can dress up your look. You can use active voice throughout your every document that you submit. Passive voice shows that you tend to passively received qualities and skills. Use the words “I strengthened my team” rather than “Being on my team”. This can take more credits.