Best Three Columns Blogger Template Design Layout For Ads

Today 3-columns blogger template is popular than 2-column layout template especially for business in showing ads . With three-column blogger template, the layout for gadgets and are more flexible on sidebar.

In general the three columns template are usually divided into 1 columns as main part that wider than two rest columns. But I saw some blogs that all columns are almost same width on each column. But the best is still 1 main part wider than two others.

3 Columns Blogger Layout For Ads

The blogger template of 3 columns layout for ads should able to attract visitor’s eyes to see the ads. In order to do this, the blogs layout should be made only few point of interest. The less is better. So visitor only see main post, articles and ads. Groups them into some places and don’t on scattered gadget.

3 Columns Blogger Template
Three Column Blogger Layout

Three-Columns Blogger Layout Ads Right

Here the image sample of three columns blogger layout with ads on the right sidebar. You can see where the post, links article and ads should be.

Three Columns Blogger Template Right Sidebar
Three Column Blogger Layout Right Sidebar

Three-Columns Blogger Layout Ads Left

Here the image of three columns blogger layout with ads on the left sidebar.

Three Columns Blogger Template Left Sidebar
Three Column Blogger Layout Left Sidebar

Any experience using other 2 or 3 columns blogger template for showing ads? Sharing here…..

17 Replies to “Best Three Columns Blogger Template Design Layout For Ads”

  1. Have you tested many other layouts? I too believe that there has to be a best layout, but I am not convinced that this is the best. I find a “proper” 3 column layout works best, i.e. content in the middle. Skyscraper on the left side and ad above content, with the right side for your own important content. Works better for me at least.

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