9 Awesome Commercial And Free Joomla Templates with Slideshow

Joomla templates with slideshow as the powerful out source of Content Management System that are used a lot by personal webmasters or oganisation such as education, religious, newspaper, photography, corporate, business, ecommerce, restaurant, medical, media. Below some Joomla! templates with manual or automatic slides to show picture in rotation. And completed with modules, CSS, menus and in some columns design.

Commercial Joomla Slideshow

OL Vakar

A commercial Joomla template with slideshow header and editable size for 3,2 1 column and for 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 version.

Joomla Slideshow Template OL Vakar

Ol Gebli

Ol gebli CMS for Joomla provides articleslider header with news and links for each posts. It is compatible with Joomla 1.5 with dropdown module and optional background color plus background gradient chooser.

Joomla Template With Articleslider

Ol Optical

Ol optical has article slider module that can rotate posts and its image content. Social bookmark module is available and compatible for mobile version.

Joomla Template with Slide Header

Ol Xibako

Joomla CMS template has header with slideshow module and text info loading with image. Compatible with Mambo 4.5.2.X

Joomla CMS with Slideshow Module

Ol Lilium

This professional Joomla template design is with flash news module on header based on xml native database. Adjustable width 1024px 800px and auto.

CMS Joomla with Flash header slide

Free Joomla Template Slideshow

JaxStorm-Black HM03J (ver. 1.4)

A clean design of CMS Joomla! template that is suitable for organisations, businesses. Profice header slide show with crossfade or slide transition effect. Dark black background looks cool.

Slide Business Joomla Template

Meembo-Red HM04J (ver. 1.2)

Easy acessible, simple and clean CMS Joomla template slideshow. It is easy to edit column left, right and single column.

Slideshow CMS Joomla Template

Templates with automatic Slideshow

Slider on header for image, post and article links.

Slideshow CMS Joomla Template

Braincode Grunge

Free CMS Joomla 1.6 templates with slideshow on header for images.

Free Joomla 1.6 template with slideshow

Those all you can try to use commercial and free Joomla templates with slideshow.

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