Download Free Template for Mobile Phone Website in Any Categories

Now the number of free mobile website templates are increasing a lot on the internet which can be downloaded without paying any fees. Not only the web that just offer a free web as a promotion of what they sell, but many web really only offer a free facility to build the mobile web. This happens because more of the blog, website, ecommerce owner that requires web template for mobile version. Although only by using the free website templates, their webs functions still work for the intended purpose.

The desire to have a mobile website by many owners of blogs or web due to the current number of users of mobile phone users around the world more and more and is predicted to continue to grow. In addition to using a smartphone for calling, they also use their handheld such as ipad, iphone, smartphone, tablet pc to do browsing on the internet. Browsing using a smartphone is very nice because it can be done anywhere and anytime as long as it gets an internet connection. So that they can get the information they need very quickly and in a simple way.

This is an excellent opportunity for website owners, blog, e-commerce for more promoteing their sites via mobile phones. Because it attracts visitors who browse using mobile phones to their blogs can increase traffic which will enhance the promotion of their blog or even business. And if the web is used for business promotion such as marketing, can certainly increase sales of their products. Free download mobile template for website is enough for this purpose.

And here below some free website design templates for mobile version to display the web on mobile phone.


Noir Mobile Website Template

This mobile template website is create with HTML5 template + CSS style sheet. The purpose of this mobile web pages is for smartphones including Android, iPhone, and others. The user of this web template can modify the design and layout by customizing its HTML5 code and the CSS style sheet. The mobile web template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0). This means you can share, distribute, modify, mashup, remix, twist, and bend this template if agree to include the following text.


Mobile Template foneFrame

This web mobile template is built with HTML5 + CSS3. It can be used with other mobile dev tools like jQuery, XUI, and Phonegap. This css file is compressed so the web load faster and the content is in HTML in css format. It is easy to customize the CSS to change the look, design and layout. This mobile template is in free open source version under CC BY 3.0. In order to make the web load faster when building pages for smartphones, the file should be in small and the page element fast.

Galaxy Mobi

Galaxy Mobi Template for Mobile Website

This is an enhanced features of free mobile template Galaxy Mobi with a responsive web template that easily responding to any screen display. Fully touch capable, better UI and drop down menus. Additional features like comments list and comment for added. This web template is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (CC BY 3.0).


Vloader Free youtube like Mobile Website Template

A pleasant look of a video content portal youtube like mobile web template because the purpose is as a video content for search, upload and share like youtube video sharing. It is available in three packs iphone, high and web packs. the template can search iPhone video, watch and share. The template is also able to be display mobile web in smarth tuch phone like android, ipad video portal.

In high mobile pack version can support language programe for xhtml wap2.0 nokia 6600, nokia 7610, n82, samsung java based mobiles, sony java based mobiles, series 60, series 40 and all mobiles video portal.


Free Corporate Website and Mobile Template

A mobile template for corporate website like IT companies. This company web template is available for a wide range of mobile phones like Tablet-PC, Iphone, Smartphones, High-end and mid-end mobiles.

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