Free Website Template for Flower Shop with HTML, CSS and PSD

A free html template for flower shop to to download for creating website design and layout. You can use this florist website templates for flower shops and let the customers buy from the shopping cart. This web free template is completed with psd file for Photoshop 8.0, css file.

Selling flowers online such as roses, orchids, anthurium, azalea, dahlia, daisy, dandelion, gardenia, lily, lilac, lavender etc is a good idea. The flowers are sold for wedding bucket, personal uses, home decoration, special events. It is a simple way to promote florist business and easy the shopping process for buyer through buying flowers online.

But the flower shop web template should provide some information to explain the price, quantity, pictures, avalability, and delivery shipment. The informations are needed to facilitate the buyers to consider the types of flowers that will be purchased. The free download template for flower shop from meets the required criteria above as selling flowers online web template.

Free Flower Shop Template

In order to meet the requirement, this free web template for flower shop is completed with css to control the layout, desin such as columns, fonts, width, etc. You as the web user or as the florist can customize the design by editing the css template for flower shop. In listing the selling flowers, you can select the right category for certain flowers. The flowers will be grouped in some categories and displayed on home page. For buyers, they can select the flowers to buy and put them on shopping cart.

So make your website for flower shop with free html, css and PSD Photoshop 8.0 for free.

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