4 Joomla Templates for Restaurant with Beautiful Design

Joomla templates for restaurant are the perfect CMS for culinary businesses to use websites for promoting their cafes, bars, cofee shops by displaying the food images, drinks as their products and some other important informations such as location adress including map, open hours, phone number, etc. The cafe, bar and restaurant web templates is used as a comunication tool with their customers and suppliers.

JA Bistro

A bit more classic look of restaurant website because of its tent picture, this restaurant template for Joomla available for 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5 version. With reddish color, the web looks so interesting. Completed with Google fonts, css and javascript, etc.

Restaurant Joomla template

Coffee House

Clear and width picture on the homepage is decorating all the mayoriry information in this Joomla template for coffee house restaurant. Some modules can be included in this template is for displaying coffee products also other menus such as for lunch, desserts and special menus.

Restaurant Remplates Joomla Coffe House

Sushi Bar

A traditional japanese culinary of sushi also have its website templates to display its food business. This CMS Joomla template for sushi restaurant has dark black color as background with big sushi picture in the header.

Joomla Template for Sushi Bar

Joomla Template for Cafe

If you have food business and want to display your foods and drinks on internet, you can use this Joomla template for cafes that has a beautiful design and layout. With brown color as background with clasic lanter image makes this website classic looks.

Joomla templates for cafes

Using slideshow is possible to make the interesting puctue rotation. So If you have culinary business and want to display your product for food or drink, you can use this content management system Joomla template for restaurants, cafes, bars or even sushi bar.

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