How to Create a Balance and Simple Mobile Phone Web Layout Template

Creating mobile phone website template or for other mobile devices is important. Accessing web through handheld device such as mobile phone, smartphone, cell phone is getting popular nowadays. And making your website in those mobile device is important to grab a lot of visitors.

The web template for mobile device as describe above usually run in plat form Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, palm and symbian is still hard to find. If you need to have it and want to make on your own mobile web template, you can read the suggestion below.

The layout of web template for mobile device is different with common layout design for desktop, notebook or laptop. The different is in the size of screen where the web appears. The handheld device that can surf the web mobile has significantly different with desktop. Thus the size of web layout template for cell phone, mobile phone and others should be modified.

Due to the small size of mobile device screen size, the web only can be scroll down than side scrolling. This condition make the design of mobile web template should be ordered in vertical than horizontal. The navigation tool is design from top to bottom, with the most top can be banner, search tool, home, about, content, footer.
The navigation menu and order can be differed site to site.

Important Mobile Web template Layout Element

  • Font style and font size for mobile web layout template should be considered to make web visitors comforts to read the content of the mobile web.
  • Header Banner. If you want to put banner on header, just use for about 70% – 80% width of the mobile web and small size in kb. Website for mobile device should be very light, fast to load.
  • Reduce scripts included in web mobile layout template.

Desktop Web Layout Template
Website Layout Template For Desktop Notebook and Laptop

Mobile Phone Web Layout Template
Website Layout Template For Mobile Phone

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