Free WordPress Theme with Simple Design SEO Friendly Responsive

After searching for WordPress themes SEO friendly, I got one that really simple wp theme that I like. The design of this blog is with 3 column and minimal color. The main column is in the middle with different width of right and left bar. Later I will modify this theme to make it match with my content without deleting the credit. But I still don’t know whether this silveray is truly SEO friendly or not. In comment area, one visitor say it is SEO friendly. However wp theme template is really is simple.

The wordpress theme has the feature like below :
3-Column Layout, Validated XHTML and CSS, Ads friendly, Widget-ready on both sides, SweetTitle tooltip installed, LiveClick installed, Serach bar at the top

Now I can move to the next step for sharing my free templates after find wp theme SEO friendly.

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