Free Basic Wording for Wedding Invitation Template in Invitation Card

Wedding invitation wording template as words or texts can help bride and groom compose the right message in wedding invitation card to their guests. Compose wording in wedding invitation letters can be tough for some people and some sample wedding invitation wording can help them.

There so many wedding template for invitation wording available in internet. Those examples can be used as invitation text in wedding invitation cards. It is usually based on wedding invitation template

Some modification is possible to make your own wedding invitation wording as a unique one. Or if you want to make a do it yourself wording, you can take invitation wording from some sources. Wedding invitation verses is a sample of wording source, poem and poetry, your own invitation texts.

Wedding Invitation Wording Template Sample

bride’s first middle last name
groom’s first middle last name
request the honor of your presence
to share in the celebration
of their marriage
on day, the formal date of month
at formal time o’clock in the time of day
city, state


According above sample, you just need to replace the name of bride and groom with the real name.
Modification can be done by replacing the text with the new one taken from Bible for Christian, Holy Qur’an for Moslem.

Wedding invitation wording templates are also available in certain condition such as for brides parent issuing the invitation, bride and groom’s parent, groom’s parent. According your situation you can choose the right wedding invitation wording template that free template to download.

You can also read free printable wedding invitations.

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    funky wedding invitation

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